Best Phones for Business Activities

Every businessmen use Smartphone to assist day to day business activity. The latest generation of Smartphone makes it possible for every businessman to assist their business activity from different places. After only about decades Smartphone technology is so successful that business and their employees have trouble imagining a day without them. Other than making telephone calls, about all Smartphone today can locally give headings through GPS, taking pictures and monitor arrangements and contacts. With so many Smartphone available in the market it is very difficult to choose the best phone for business activities Click Here.

Here, on Consultant Tech, they offer you help with their selection of best business phones 2017

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Blackberry classic – blackberry classic has 3.5 inch screen, a 720 X 720 pixels resolution, 22 hours battery power and has the 260 storage plus 2GG RAM. It features an old school keyboard with funky squire screen and it operates blackberry OS 10. it was ones the business phones and has sadly suffered over recent years.

Microsoft Lumia 950 – This Smartphone and its 950 XL siblings represent the best of breed device when it comes to window 10 mobile. It has 5.2 inch screen, 3GB RAM, 2560 X 1440 pixel resolutions, 3000 mAh battery. You can get a free one year subscription to office 365 personnel.

I Phone 7 – One of the best Smartphone for business activities, the list of best business Phone 2017 cannot be completed without mentoring the I Phone 7. The phone has 4.7 inch screen, 2 GB RAM and up to 256 GB storage and run on IOS 10. The phone takes an excellent image in lowlight condition, waterproof and much improved battery life.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge – This phone has 5.5 inch impressive screen, 4 GB RAM and up to 64 GB storage. Samsung galaxy is must have phone for every business users. After I Phone it is the most expensive phone with lightweight sleek and clear display.

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