How to Make Production Easier with the UR5 e-Series Robot Arm

The Universal robot arm e-Series feature three different models of automation:

  • UR3e
  • UR5e
  • UR10e

Each product introduces a different level of productivity, enable varying reaches, and provide individual payloads, but with equal value that saves on days of manual labor. They are diverse in their applications and are set to enhance your business operations.

They serve in many capacities across several industries, company size, or type of product manufactured.

The new UR5e-Series robot arms have a reach of 850mm/33.5 ins and can carry a payload of 5kg or 11 lbs. What this means is that they are able to support heavier masses than manual inputs, even while extending their reach in diverse directions.

They weigh just over 20 kg, or 45.4 lbs.which makes them easy to manage and control.

Older models of the robot arms boasted versatility and acted as complements to the overall production line. However, the newer e-Series robot arms highlight an improvement on earlier innovations and are able to better empower the market.

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There are five essential benefits to the UR5e robot arm that will make your manufacturing process more competitive.

1.     Flexibility in Deployment

The e-Seriesrobot arms are equipped with their own eco-systems installed in each application. They are lightweight, which means they are easy to store. Their unique ability to engage in multiple applications without having to alter the production layout make for seamless automation.

They are able to be redeployed to various tasks and can save already-used programs for later use, especially if tasks are recurrent ones. This makes it easier for customers to apply the robot arm to a multitude of tasks they would normally have to spread among several persons if done manually.

2.     Easy to Program

The Universal Robots Academy make it easy for the customer to program any robot in as little as 87 minutes.

Their 3-D interface simplifies the process to make even the less than savvy customer able to program the robot arm with ease. Users can either manually program the robot arm by pointing it to a desired area, or with the use of a tablet function.

With production demands paramount to success, these robot arms can be taught even the most complex tasks to carry out orders with precision and accuracy. This is made possible with the Universal Robots’ Integrated Force Torque Sensor which also promotes high sensitivity to even the lightest touch.

3.     It Has a Fast Set-Up Time

Usually buying a robot and getting it ready for its first task can take up to weeks of poring over complicated specifications in a manual.

The e-Series robot arms make this task a whole lot easier. First of all, they do not require any special connection. They can tap into energy from an ordinary power source made possible by their 32 industrial I/O connectors and ethernet capability.

The interactive and user-friendly interface guides the process from installation to integration. One hour is all the customer needs to unpack their robot arm, mount it (on any flat surface), and assign it to its first task.

4.     It Allows for a Faster Payback

When you purchase one of these robot arms, you need not worry about programming, set-up, or safety. Universal Robot serves anywhere from small to medium-sized businesses. They provide convenience for a range of services on the production line that would otherwise be too expensive for the business owners.

24-hour productivity is guaranteed year-round. As Task Force Tips, USA, maker of Firefighting equipment, discovered, robot arms can take you from ineffective automation and faulty safety equipment, to a reduction in staffing needs and an increase in production hours in a payback period of just 34 days.

5.     They are Safe and Collaborative

Minimizing risk is a key element on any production line, and the e-Series robot arms guarantee just that. They can easily engage in otherwise strenuous or dull tasks by fusing human wit into automated excellence.

They come equipped with 17 safety functions, such as stop times that can be manipulated when used with an operator.


A manufacturing production line is a tedious and time-consuming arena. The process can be made easier as business owners shift from heavy manual labor to an automated process facilitated by robot arms.

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