Commission Free Online Ordering Systems for Restaurants

Online ordering is a quick and easy option as for this you do not have to visit a hotel or restaurant in order to book or order. There are a lot of online ordering service providers, but the high service charge or the commission paid to these mediators is quite high. The big companies in this business of online ordering systems can charge you up to 18% of the total order which is high enough to put an extra economic burden on you. This minimizes your profit and make it difficult to keep your share larger as a large share of your profit is paid as commission to the online brokers. To avoid this situation you have to find an alternative for these commission based online menu ordering systems. Infinity menus can help you to sort out this problem and can design a visually appealing, attractive menu that increases your client’s appetite whilst they use your service. Using just their free services, you can use Infinity Menus and never pay a thing!

About Infinity Menus

Infinity menus have a vision to provide you an attractive and efficient menu which attracts your customers and makes them want to use your restaurant. They have a large range of pictures that can be used for your menu integration and to provide your customer a better illustration of what you are delivering to them, you can also upload your own images for use. These menus can be easily integrated with your current websites, can be used directly within your Facebook page and if you need a website built, Infinity Menus can even provide this.

Your restaurant may not be open 24/7 but with an appropriate online menus ordering system, your customers can place orders anytime. You can get instant notification of the order through your device whether it is your smart phone or tablet. You can easily manage your order with the easy interface available with the order taking app. You review the order details and then either accept the order or reject the order. Enter a delivery or pickup time for your client and your client will be updated in real time of when to expect their order. Log in to your custom dashboard and review previous orders, delivery heatmaps and numerous other statistics based around your online ordering system. With such a customer friendly system, your customers will come back again and again.

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