The employer pays the remuneration for the service received by the employee of the company. The work is done in a white paper format with the terms and agreement accepted by both the parties. The payment is made either monthly, weekly or on an hourly basis, it depends on the policy adopted by the company. Pay slip is the written evidence that reflects few most important points about the employer as well as the employee, the same are stated below:

  • Reflects the pay scale of the employee,
  • The amount received as remuneration against the services received by the employer,
  • A fixed amount stating the designation of the employee,
  • Written evidence about the employee benefit paid.

What is the need of pay slip in a company?

Every company requires a pay slip to keep a track on the amount being paid to the employees as the remuneration. The tax applicability differs according to the type of company and helps the employer to get the same customized.


The demo pay slip can be designed by going on the official website of the company. The samples are shared with the viewers. Same can be customized as per the needs of the client. The employee can get its pay slip easily designed on the website as well as the employer. The option to have the logo of the company is also available. The services and after sale services are excellent.

Why should an employee be given pay slip?

It is the right of the employee to receive the pay slip. The payment made per hour can be reflected clearly as the option of the same is also available. The format of the pay slip is user-friendly and can be read by the lay man too. The pay stub created can be easily accessed with the help of the video shared on the

The requirement is very basic and is a cost-benefit deal. The cost to maintain a proper department that keeps a check on the pay scale of the employee’s employed by the employer. The cost can be avoided easily, just be getting the services of creating your own pay stub.

Pay stub can be kept with the help of the services offered by Check Stub. An employee can easily get his/her pay slip designed in case the company was unable to issue the same to them. They can even refer to the same to their respective employer.

The employers can easily maintain a track on the payment released by them, the software can be easily customized according to the time at which payment is to be released. Every step can be done by the client as per their own requirement. The details of the employees can be easily stored and reflected on the payslip. The various headings can be customized, the currency and the stamp can also be attached to the company. The tax rate can be chosen as per the applicability of the same on the company.


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