Craving for spicy food? Try these Fine-Dining Indian Restaurants in London

London is a perfect place for different kinds of cuisines from across the world. When you are in London, you can get any food from any cuisine. London’s sprawling Indian food scene runs a wide range of regional specialities and styles with a blend of incredible flavours.If you are travelling from Mumbai to London, there are many places to have yummy Indian food, save your money on the cheap airline tickets from Mumbai to London.

From homemade flavoured foods to the upscale restaurant style minced food you will get every cuisine of Indian foods. Many new restaurants are coming up in many areas of London. Any tourist will find Indian restaurants in nook and corner of London quickly. Craving for spicy food? Try these fine-dining Indian Restaurants in London.

Gymkhana, Mayfair

Visit Gymkhana for the Kid methi keema with pao, Muntjac deer biryani, Chettinad dosa duck, and much more are spicy food is served in this wonderful Indian restaurant in London. Along with the spicy Indian food, Gymkhana also serves spiced cocktails at the bar and serves continuous carrot halwa tart dessert. Prices and quality at this place are more than reasonable when compared to other restaurants in this area.

Roti Chai, Marylebone

This two-tiered modern Indian eatery offers spicy snacks in this street kitchen in the upstairs and serves excellent food in the formal dining room downstairs. The carefully cooked spicy foods with appropriate spices are served as per the regions represented are presented prettily. If you are in this place, don’t miss to order the exotic dish regal lamb korma with cinnamon and laced with rosewater, fiery Chettinad chicken blended with cinnamon and hot red chillies.

Tayyabs, Whitechapel

This authentic Punjabi restaurant has been sharing the flavours of Punjab from 1972. Try the grilled meats and the sizzling super tender lamb chops along with the tikkas, dals, rich-meat curries, and freshly made naans, rotis served from tandoorin the Tayyabs situated in Whitechapel.

Zumbura, Clapham

Zumbura serves small portions of North Indian food and some matching decent cocktails. All the recipes are inspired by the restaurant’s owner’s Indian mom. All the recipes are authentic, vibrant, full of herbs, and freshly made with aninteresting presentation on pretty plates.

Chutney Mary, Central London

Located in Central London, this place is a hot favourite for many Indians as well as foreigners. It is always open to fresh ideas for lunch, dinner, and cocktails. The glamorous interiors attract the guests along with the Pukka bar is a popular hangout place. It also has private dining areas and serves fantastic Chaat, Prawn specialities, Afghani, Hyderabadi, Goan, and much more cuisines and food varieties.

Amaya, Belgravia

Amaya is located in the heart of Belgravia offers a unique cuisine based on Indian contemporary oriental food. With an open grill kitchen and mesmerising interiors, it is one of the hottest restaurantsin London. The wide range of menu includes sophisticated salads, seafood including prawns, various Poultry varieties, special Lamb items, Kebabs, Beef and also serves around 15 vegetarian dishes. The dessert menu is lip-smacking with various exotic desserts including sugar-free desserts.

Namaaste Kitchen, Camden

Visit this award-winning, critically acclaimed, contemporary restaurant once you reach London after checking and booking cheap airline tickets from Mumbai to London. The food provided here is healthy, modern, and delicious cooked with passion and freshest ingredients. The grilled menu is the speciality of Namaaste Kitchen along with the mouth-watering main courses and desserts. It is simply an outstanding place to eat, drink and spend time with family and friends.

Other Indian restaurants to be visited for spicy Indian food are Moti Mahal, Mirch Masala, Potli, Gandhi’s, Red Fort and others situated across London.

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