Different types of Long Term Care Services Offered

Long term care involves offering services to individuals who are suffering from a chronic health condition or disease. The services are provided to individuals as they find it difficult to perform their day to day activities such as going to the bathroom, having a bath or eating food. The services of long term care are provided by skilled professionals and the sufferers are provided total assistance. The needs of people with disability are also taken care of.

Types of Long Term Care Services

There are various options provided for long term care include assisted living facility, residential care setting, continuing care retirement community and nursing home. A residential care setting mainly combines health care, housing and support services. The services are supported by a skilled nursing facility as well as an assisted living facility. In-home care services are also excellent and are provided to senior members of the family.

Options for Long Term Care

  • In the assisted-living option of long term care the residents can enjoy a semi-private or private apartment. Here they get basic amenities such as social events, transportation, three meals in a day and help with housekeeping. The professionals here combine assistance and housing facilities for day to day living activities.
  • Round the clock skilled nursing facilities are provided to individuals who need attention and medical assistance. The skilled nursing facilities are known to offer rehabilitation services to the individuals which mainly include speech therapy, occupational therapy and physical therapy that often follows an illness or surgery.
  • Alzheimer’s disease requires long term care and the facilities made available include a special place in the neighborhood for residents who need memory care. Special memory care programs are offered in the neighborhood by individuals who are specially trained. The residents are provided with security features all the time.

Services Offered in Long Term Care

The imperative services that are offered in long term care include medication management, assistance with daily activities, senior rehabilitative therapies, diabetes management, post-hospital care and personalized care plans. These personalized care plans are designed especially for residents who have specific needs. All these services are made available to individuals in a comfortable setting mainly to provide them with better quality of life.

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