Got Injured As A Pedestrian? Here’s How One Can Claim For The Compensation

You get to see many pedestrians being hit by cars or cyclists and the injuries may range from catastrophic to sometimes fatal. It is essential to ask for reliable lawyers who can claim compensation for you.

There are a few legal firms that deals with all types of road traffic accident claim, helping not only injured drivers or passengers but also pedestrians and other road users. Every case is tailor-made as per each client’s specific needs and objectives. They seek to achieve the best possible outcome in terms of financial compensation and encourage defendants to meet these needs at the earliest possible stage.

To know how to claim for compensation with a proper legal procedure you need to understand some steps which we are mentioning below: –

  • Immediately after you being hit by a car, call 911 and report the accident and ask for help.
  • Take proper medical attention at the scene. Tell the paramedics about every symptom, and if they want to take you to the hospital, go with them.
  • Delaying medical treatment can seriously hamper your claiming process. As insurance companies will deny your claim by refusing to accept that your injuries weren’t caused by the accident.
  • Gathering evidence right after an accident can be incredibly helpful to your insurance claim.
  • Even with the help of your family members, gather all the personal information like name, address, even the insurance information of the driver of the car who had hit you.
  • Gather information related to the vehicle that hit you, which may consist of vehicle identification number, license plate, model and year.
  • Try to have enough pictures and videos from the accident scene as they will be an important source of evidence.
  • If there are any potential witnesses from the scene ask them to write down what they saw, with their name, address and signature on their written statement.
  • You can even record witness statements using cell phone video including their name and contact information in the recording.

Proving the driver of the car that hit you was negligent and caused the accident is quite essential to your case. Before proving the negligence, contact the motorist’s insurance company and report the detailed accident, and file your injury claim. The insurance company will deny your claim without solid proof.

Therefore, one does require well-organized paperwork makes for a stronger insurance claim and will help in proving that the driver’s negligence was the direct and proximate cause of your injuries and he must support the value of your damages. It may include medical and therapy costs, out-of-pocket expenses or lost wages due to injury. Don’t give up if your claim for compensation is denied. If you are confident for your claim then contact a personal injury attorney or take Law Advice to evaluate your claim.

Here’s what you need to include in your accident file: –

  1. The official accident report on file with a diagram of the accident since it poses as evidence to insurance companies.
  2. Witness statements for a police report, which can be the deciding factor in findings of fault.
  3. Driver’s statements in a written format along with a record on the cell phone. If he mentions anywhere “I’m sorry or “I’ll pay for your medical bills” then these statements in court will act as strong evidence of liability.
  4. All your medical bills, especially your emergency room admission costs or cost of treatment of injuries should be kept properly as they are important evidence and important while making the compensation claim amount.
  5. Tag lost wages during your recovery provided by your employer for claims.

The more evidence you have, the better your chances for a higher settlement. Take help from legal firms to help you to claim interim payments and ensure settlement of amount in lieu of financial hardship owing to the accident.

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