How Long Does Weed Stay In Your System If You Smoke Once?

If you’re worried about the newly announced drug test at work, or you’re scared your parents might make you do one if they start to suspect anything just because you smoked for your first time recently, you generally don’t have too much to worry, as long as you inform yourself.

How Long Does Weed Stay In Your System If You Smoke Just Once?

Generally, for a person that only smokes one time, they will only test positive for THC in a urine analysis within a maximum of eight days after smoking. Human biology is, as we all know, quite complex and varied, so this can be even less for some people, like four or five days only. You can’t really rely on this though because genetics play a big role in it and there are just too many variables. Eight days is what you should be hoping to have of advance notice at least. If you have less than this, there are ways to ensure you can still get away with it.

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Detoxing Naturally

There are a lot of, often expensive, detox drinks available for purchase online but these can be pretty hit or miss. They do help some people clearly because there is a lot of legitimate testimonial backing the sales, otherwise no one would buy it. At the end of the day, they’re not a guarantee but they could be a viable option on top of other strategies. Naturally detoxing works off of natural, biological functions of the human body. With diuretics (liquids that promote the urination process) like cranberry juice or coffee, you can ensure that your liver and kidneys are doing a lot of work to filter out toxins throughout the day. This is useless on its own though.

Where a lot of people go wrong with this is either their diet or water intake. If you need to pee everything out every half hour or so because you’re drinking a ton of cranberry juice, you need to drink a ton of water to remain hydrated. Hydration is key to the proper functioning of all your body’s organs. Your diet has a huge impact on this too because it provides the energy needed for your organs to do what they need to do.

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