How to keep it Real While Building Your Network

It has been proven time and again that networking is very important for growth on both a personal level and in business as well. It is necessary and advisable to create a network as soon as you can This is because it will be of great benefit to you professionally. In networking, a key element is identifying what you don’t know. After that, you can proceed to make connections with people who are skilled and competent in the things which you are not well versed in. Basically, strive to surround yourself with people who have interests that are diverse from yours. Moreover, ensure that they have skill-sets that are different from the ones that you have. In addition to that, confirm that they can bring extra value to your enterprise. This initiative is known as networking and it’s important to choose a top MLM company and join to get the best out of your networking.

How to begin?

The key to networking is to start creating this network as soon as possible. If you have no network, no contacts and no community to support you, there is nothing that you can build upon. Begin by creating a personal brand. After that, solidify your idea and package it for marketing. Having done so, you can proceed to collect contacts and transform them into valuable connections. Networking does not only involve having some small talk over lunch from time to time. It also requires that you attend events which are relevant to your industry. Keep an eye on local and national events as well. After that, you can get introduced to leaders that you admire who wield influence. Follow through with this process and keep at it consistently.

Be authentic at every encounter

One of the most important elements to maintain while networking is authenticity. Be real. In most cases, you should combine business and leisure so as to create a casual environment where you and your contacts can relax. Having done so, engage in topics that are relevant to your niche and likely to stir up passion in your contact. Discover their goals and the things that make them tick. This process assists you to know if it is possible to create a lasting connection with the contact. It also allows you to see if their passions are compatible with yours. As such, you can engage in these activities together and improve your personal and business relationships at the same time.

Give and receive

In the initial stages of networking, you should be prepared to give more than you receive. The initial stages of every business relationship are asymmetrical. You will be on the lower, needier side while your contact will have an advantage. However, nurturing the relationship over time results in a situation where you are both on the same level. Ensure that you give as much as you can before you receive. Giving before you receive will eventually deliver the fruit of your labor.


Networking is a key to every enterprise and industry. Once you are able to make contact with people, proceed to stay in touch. While you may not keep regular tabs on everyone, you should make an effort to do this Last but not least, be human. Try your best to have some interest with the people that you are connecting with on a personal level. Learn how to separate business and pleasure. This will help you to be real and create a functional, successful network.

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