How To Purchase Bitcoin

Bitcoin is one of the popular digital currencies of our time and it has quickly become a global commodity. One of the reasons that Bitcoin is becoming so popular is that there are so many options currently available for buying bitcoins. You can purchase, sell, or trade Bitcoin at BTM machines, online exchanges, and through Western Union. Find out more below about the ways that you can purchase Bitcoin safely and conveniently.

Purchasing Bitcoin Through Western Union

When it comes to transferring your money, you want to make sure that you are using a business you can trust, like Western Union. Purchasing Bitcoin through Western Union is a popular choice because customers can use any credit or debit card to pay for bitcoins, using only a few simple steps. Popular Bitcoin digital currency portals, like bitcoinofamerica, give users the option to purchase bitcoins using Western Union, 24 hours a day!

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Western Unions is quickly becoming the preferred method for making payments because it allows you for one of the fastest ways to get bitcoins from online portals such as, Bitcoin Of America. These money transfers are so fast that no maunual process or wire transfer is required. Follow these simple steps to start trading, selling, and buying bitcoins with Western Union:

  1. Create an account with
  2. Place your order.
  3. Verify the account, by submitting a copy of a driver’s license, passport or other legal Identification card.
  4. Process your order.
  5. Make payments using Western Union

Voila, that’s all it takes! Within few simple clicks you will be able to buy bitcoin with revolut, and within 24 hours, Bitcoin will get added to your account.

Buying Bitcoin Through Kiosks

It seems that every day more and more Bitcoin kiosks are showing up all over the country, locating BTM machines are easier than ever! There are many different types of BTMS available to the public. Each of these machines has a unique way of functioning for your specific needs. You can easily locate Bitcoin ATMs by going to Before using a Bitcoin ATM it is important to note that there are some major differences from a BTM and an ATM.  To make your first time using a BTM simple, we have provided a few simple steps to make the process easier. Here is a generalized process for using a Bitcoin ATM near you (some steps may vary):

  1. First is the verification step, depending on the type of machine, this step may be optional.
  2. Next, provide Bitcoin address for deposit (it can also be generated at some ATM booths, but it is good to have your own before using the machine)
  3. Insert cash into the device
  4. Confirmation of the operation, bitcoins are then sent immediately sent to the specified

Currently, there are eight types of Bitcoin ATMs installed in different parts of the globe. Here are the popular BTM machines available on the market today:

  • General Bytes BATMTwo (one-way)
  • General Bytes BATMThree (two-way)
  • Lamassu
  • BitAccess
  • Genesis1 machine from Genesis Coin
  • Satoshi1 or Satoshi2 machine from Genesis Coin
  • Skyhook
  • Robocoin

Buying Bitcoin using Online Portals

With the growing popularity of Bitcoin, more people from across the world are becoming more intrigued by the new “non-centralized” concept. Websites like,, make the transition for to using Bitcoins safe and simple. Bitcoin of America’s website is easy to use. With just a few simple click of the mouse, you will be on your way to selling, trading, and buying bitcoins. This website also enables the user to only register once in order to begin buying Bitcoin using conventional currencies.

All these options are becoming popular in the market; online exchanges give you the freedom to buy Bitcoin anytime and from anyplace. Within few seconds Bitcoin is transferred to your account, allowing you to buy, sell, or trade bitcoins at your convenience.Make the switch of buying bitcoins online, for a fast and secure way of buying bitcoins.

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