How to Secure a Premium Office Space in Hong Kong


Hong Kong has long been a huge international business hub with large corporations and small companies alike taking up office space in this bustling city. Its strategic location in Asia offers easy access to ASEAN markets while also making it an excellent choice for those looking to expand into the Chinese market or connect with Korea and Japan. The city boasts some of best logistics, financial and trading centres in the world, making it an excellent place for you to find an office space for your business.

If you’re moving to Hong Kong for the first time, it can be something of an overwhelming experience. Everything from the food, to the customs, to the language, is different and can make things challenging at first. However, by making a few careful considerations before you make the move, you can make the entire move as seamless s possible and in fact, can start to enjoy life in this powerhouse of a city.

Let’s take a look at how you can secure a premium office space for your business in Hong Kong and get settled as quickly as possible.

Choose The Right Location

As with moving to any new city, it’s critical that you choose to base yourself in the right part of the city. For a serviced or virtual Office in Hong Kong, choose from 3 premium locations across Hong Kong including Finance Street, Chater Road and Kowloon. With excellent transport links, you will be able to navigate the city easily form nay one of these locations, enjoy some of the best dining the city has to offer and be in a great position to network with other like-minded business people in the area.

What’s more, being located in one these prestigious office locations; you will gain instant credibility with the local community. Being able to reach out to clients with an address in a well-known, even sought-after location will elevate your position instantly and allow you to confidently enter negotiations and business deals.

Choose Flexible Leasing Terms

Relocating or expanding your office in Hong Kong comes with a certain amount of uncertainty. No matter how well-prepared you are, or how much market research you have completed, there are no guarantees that your business is going to succeed.

What you can do, however, is ensure that you don’t lock yourself into long-term rigid office leases that don’t give you the opportunity to grow or move with the business climate. Instead, aim for short-term, flexible leasing options with month-to-month, all-inclusive payments that will allow you to stay in control of your finances and walk away if things don’t go according to plan without having to fulfil your leasing obligations.

Ask Questions and Understand the Local Business Culture

If you know of another business who has moved to Hong Kong recently, why not get in touch and ask them if they have any advice or would have done anything differently. Having ‘inside information’ like this can be critical to making the right choice when securing premium office space in a new city.

Take some time to learn a little about the local business culture too as it will be different to what you might have experienced before. Having the ability to show you understand how things are done in Hong Kong will help you to garner respect from your peers and might lead to you securing an office space appropriate to your needs and within budget.

Why Securing Office Space in Hong Kong is the Right Choice

Entering a new business environment is always challenging but take some time to understand the local culture and environment and you will have every chance of succeeding. Hong Kong has been welcoming new companies to its shores for decades and many businesses have learned to thrive in this exciting city.

Be sure to think about what you need from your space, how much you are willing to spend and of course where you want to be located in the city. With the right address in Hong Kong, you will be taken more seriously and will be able to grow your business with confidence.

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