Kent Atta Maker: An Innovative Appliance to Knead Atta Effortlessly

Hot chapattis, parathas and pooris are an integral part of Indian meals, but preparing dough daily is a hassle, especially when women today are not confined to only house chores. Also, there are many youngsters who have to prepare food on their ownas they may have to stay away from their families for their jobs. Kneading atta, whether you are a working mom or young professional can be a tough job.

Atta Maker: The Perfect Solution to Knead Atta

Technology has provided the solution to this problem of kneading the flour in the form of atta maker. This must-have kitchen appliance lets you prepare the dough easily, hygienically and conveniently without any manual intervention. Kent atta or bread maker is one such revolutionary product that not only helps you get rid of the messy job of kneading atta, but also plays with various healthy ingredients to get creative. It comes with 19 different menu programs that let you make a variety of bread along with making conventional chapattis and pooris absolutely easy.

Advantages of Using Atta Maker

Using the atta maker in kitchen has many advantages. Let’s see few of them, which justify that it is indeed an innovative appliance.

  • It saves time and you can get hygienically-made dough ready in less than 15 minutes. By the time you get the curry ready, the machine prepares the dough so that you can roll out chapattis. Thus, it is like having two people working in the kitchen simultaneously.
  • The applianceis very easy to operate. In fact, it is a one touch automatic process. If you are on your way home, you can ask anyone at home to start the machine so that the dough is ready by the time you reach home.
  • Besides preparing normal dough, you can experiment many other programs menus during the weekend or when you have time. These menus enable you to make a number of food items with ease.
  • Many of us are worried about the hygiene part when preparing atta dough, especially in your absence. This product does not need you to touch the flour with bare hands and as such is very hygienic.
  • Kent atta maker gives you the opportunity to play with different ingredients. You can experiment by adding various ingredients to the flour and come up with some new, healthy and interesting recipes of your own.
  • The time saved in getting the kneading process completed automatically will not go waste when you have to clean the appliance. It is as easy to clean and store as it is to operate. The components are detachable, which can be removed for cleaning with a soft and clean cloth.

There are many bread makers or atta makers available in the market, but the one from Kent is by far the most trusted and reliable name. Most of the people who bought this appliance are happy and satisfied with its performance and swear by it. They feel that it has made their lives much easier. It is a boon especially for working women and those who stay away from homes.

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