Local SEO vs Global SEO and Which One is the Best Fits Your Business

Search engine optimization, or simply SEO, is what helps a business to get noticed by web visitors. It involves the strategic implementation of keywords, relevant content and algorithms to make a website appear on top of the search page. If a website is listed on top of the search page, it has a good chance of being clicked on by web visitors. There are mainly two types of SEO, global SEO and Local SEO. In this article, we set to differentiate the two, and tell you which one is the best for your business.

Local SEO explained

If you own a local brick and mortar business and you would like to attract customers to it, then you need to go for local SEO. This type of SEO aims to build keyword placement in particular areas. It concentrates on geography-based strategies, like Google Places, directories, reviews and local listings.

For instance, a dentist in Atlanta will not necessarily gain even if their website ranks top in Los Angeles. This is because the dentist could be having offices in Atlanta only. Therefore, the dentist’s website designer would concentrate on getting top placements in the Atlanta where the company is based. Local SEO helps a local business to get more exposure.

Global SEO explained

If you are selling a product or service that you want to be seen by world market, then global SEO is the approach that you should choose. Your search results will rank top not only locally but also in other parts of the world. Companies which deal in products which can be shipped globally, or companies which have international locations, will benefit most from this type of SEO. A worldwide business will be ill-advised to use local SEO tactics because it will restrict their website’s maximum exposure. If your business transcends the local borders and goes nationally or internationally, then it is important that you choose global SEO campaign. Global SEO, also known as organic SEO, is suitable for e-businesses or companies that deal with digital services that have no special preference of location. Also, it applies to companies that have offices all around the globe.

Why local SEO is the real deal for a small or medium-sized business

When it comes to the local SEO vs global SEO debate, you are inevitably bound to ask: which one is best for me? For small businesses, what you need is local SEO approach. The following are reasons why.

Local people search for local businesses on the web

If you own a local business, then local SEO is really the best approach you should take. In the past, small, local businesses did not see the use of SEO. However, according to recent trends, you would be ill-advised to ignore SEO. According to research, more than 80% of consumers use Yahoo, Google or Bing to conduct local searches. Increasingly, consumers are turning to search engines when searching for local businesses and ditching mundane methods like phone books or Yellow Pages. Since finding information on the internet is cheaper and easier,using the web to search for information has become the number one choice for many people.

Local SEO enables your target audience to find your business on the internet

By owning a small or medium-sized firm, you will realize that you are limited to a specific area of operation. It implies that what you need is local SEO and not global SEO. Local people may know that your business exists online. However, it may become a problem for them to find you online. This is because many local brands have failed to adopt SEO use. For instance, you stand a better chance of attracting customers to your Pizza joint based in Dallas if you optimize “pizza restaurants in Dallas” as opposed to optimizing “pizza joints in USA”. Therefore, when a web visitor searches for pizza restaurants based in Dallas, they are better placed to find you.


Understanding the difference between local vs global SEO is very important. It makes you more informed regarding the local SEO strategy that will work best for your company. If you have a small business, you know that local SEO is the choice for you. For multinational companies with offices in all parts of the world, global SEO works fine for them. If you do not know the most appropriate SEO strategy, you may not be successful in your SEO campaigns.

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