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You have just found a job, you are about to take your job. Everyone is, at one time or another, confronted with this situation. What to expect? How does the business operate on a daily basis? How will the teams be? What about your colleagues? Can you find someone to talk to? Here are 5 tips for a successful integration.

Make a good first impression

It is customary to say that the first impression is always the right one. Although this expression should be put into perspective, it is essential to be irreproachable the first days of arriving in a new company or a new team. First, smile! We receive what we give, so don’t come closed, with a hard face, but try to show yourself relaxed, open. It will make people come to you and not shut themselves off. On the other hand, show humility and discretion in your relations with your colleagues so as not to make any mistakes. From a dress point of view, sobriety is also a must, at least at the beginning. To avoid any fashion faux pas, trust the way people were dressed during the job interview. The hiring solution is essential now.

Observe to better adapt

Knowing who does what, who works with whom or for whom, how, is extremely important. To position yourself in the best possible way, you need to be able to draw up an overview of the team you are joining. Who will you be working with the most? As far as possible, try to also capture the personalities of those with whom you will evolve on a daily basis because good understanding will be essential to achieve good performances! In general, you will need to understand the “social” functioning of the company. If after this observation phase, you have any suggestions, do not hesitate to discuss them with your manager. Your taking initiatives will no doubt be appreciated. Be careful not to confuse bringing your experience and imposing it.

Be yourself

The good understanding of a work team lies in the capacity of each one to be oneself while respecting the personality of the others. As in any social relationship, you must apply to respect each other’s sensitivities, and also ensure that others will take care of you. Knowing how to round off angles, blend in with an existing atmosphere or environment is essential. It’s not about playing a role, on the contrary, but about seeing how far you can fit in without anything being feigned or forced. Know how to be a diplomat when you need to and if your character is strong, simply avoid making it felt at every moment.

Be professional and available

It is essential to prove yourself quickly and to live up to the job that has been entrusted to you. From the first days, your manager will not fail to give you tasks, get to work and do not hesitate to ask him all the necessary questions if you encounter any difficulties. And do not rush to complete your mission as quickly as possible because it is the best way to make mistakes. If you have to manage certain files with others, avoid overzealousness so that your colleagues do not feel “rushed” on their territory. Finally, if there is one thing that we appreciate in business, it is the availability. If you are responsive, there is no doubt that we will quickly talk about you well. If in addition you prove to be professional, rigorous and force of proposal.

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