Providing strength and guidance to women

Velma Trayham is the force behind the women empowerment in Texas. She is the marketing guru providing the inspirations and motivations to thousands of people and asking them to find the real meaning of life. She believes that once you know the real objective of coming to this world then you will know how to achieve your target. She is working tirelessly changing the life of millions by motivating them to find the real path of success. In her book she described that how to communicate with God.

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Marketing expert and entrepreneur

She is the marketing expert who is changing the life of many with the help of her business plan. She shows the path as how to achieve the success for their organization and for themselves. She has achieved a growth of 200% for her company by motivating the employees of her company. She has understood the power of digital marketing and using the power of the same for promotional purposes. As a marketing expert she plans the strategy of the business after going through the structure of the company. She is responsible for the success of many companies and motivating them to achieve what was once thought to be impossible target.

Champion of woman cause

She has put all her energy to motivate and empower the women which were subject to misery and pathos. She has not only motivated them to fight against the injustice but also to unite against the injustice done to them. Her book when God says to go; she lays emphasis on communicating with God with two-way communication instead of one communication. Instead of just speaking to God you must train yourself to listen to the voice of God which when heard will end all the confusion, disbelief and mistrust. You will be very clear about your goal of life. More information, as well as the long list of Velma Trayham’s successes and accolades , can be found on

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