Reasons to keep the best virtual wallet individually as well for business

Carrying a fat leather wallet in the back pocket of your jeans is something that was done in restrain as there was no other alternative for that till the virtual wallets came into existence. They have encouraged digital transaction a lot and made payments much easier. The good virtual wallets that are available today like the Puut wallet serves just as the regular wallet that you can use, to store some amount of money, credit and debit cards, and few important cards such as ID cards or business. The complain that was made by many people regarding online transaction is that they need to access their accounts every time they purchase something with the net banking or from their debit or credit cards was resolved with this virtual wallet. You can easily store money once and use it for purchasing online as well as offline. For that, you have to use net banking that is a lot easier than going to an ATM machine for money to keep in your leather pocketbook. Nowadays, most of the physical stores also accept virtual payments made by them.

Special feature for you

With puut, you get the simplest access options. You can view your account balance or pay bills or do purchases or transfer balance just only in few taps on your phone. The best feature of this app that no other wallet offers is that you can create local shopping groups, with it you can avail great discount over collective purchases. With puut you can also start your own crowd funding manoeuvre.

Even better for business

If you want virtual wallet for your business also then too, the puut wallet for business comes first in the list of recommendation. It offers several features that are well appreciated by those businessmen who have used it. You can go through some of the best features mentioned below:

  • Pull feature: This is the best feature that you can use to engage new members in your business. This feature allows the existing users of this virtual wallet to join your business’ program with one touch only. This way, you can easily increase the number of customers as they don’t need to login into your website or hassling up with the app.
  • Puut messenger: Through the messenger that is provided in this app you can easily make your customers aware of the new scheme that you are going to offer. Instead of sending SMSs every time which is also time taking process, you can communicate with thousands of your customers at a time.
  • App2app push: This is another great feature of this app as this can securely be linked with some other third party app also like CRM, accounting system, card system and other similar applications. As it offers 256 bit encryption hence there is no need to worry about soundness of the accounts. Almost all card issuers have put their trust in this app for the convenience of their customers only so that they don’t need various systems to get their cards retrieved.

With the use of such excellent features, you will surely gain the loyalty of your customers. It is easy to use and can be accessed easily by a child also. It also doesn’t require a lot of learning to get comfort with it. As this can be accessed from any part of the world, the customers can go with ease to any place they want.

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