Time and attendance tracking

Gone are the days when employer used to keep attendance register to mark attendance of the employees and used to note the duration of time he has worked. Now, there is an emerging and much sought after technology in the market that helps the supervisor in time and attendance tracking of the worker. TimeTrex is the device that has brought a dynamic change in the operation of the business. Now the old method of attendance recording using big and bulky register is replaced by this device. This also helps the employer in calculating correct wage of the worker based upon their duration of working time in the organization. Workers also get justice in their payment of money. Almost all the labor-intensive business organizations are implementing this technology for a smooth and efficient flow of operations in the business organization.

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Benefits of implementing this device at workplace

  • Identification of cost: With the help attendance tracking device labor cost can be ascertained for any project. Hence it will also ensure that there is no wastage of resources in the business. You can also compare the budgeted cost with the actual cost and find out deviations or place where you lack. This helps you in implementing a plan to improve your deficiency.
  • Identification of time: Time is money, the essence of business organization is time. The device also helps you to estimate the correct time required for doing a certain work. By knowing this you can train your workers accordingly and supervise them in the best possible means to achieve production target in an effective manner.
  • Remote accessibility: The best feature about the device is that you do not need to be present at the working place to track the presence or absence of the workers. The device will automatically record workers duration of work and their free time. This will help to increase productivity in the business.


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