Time tracking and payroll software for your business

In today’s world, we are mostly dependent upon the technology and the technology has actually made our lives easier so this is why we can rely completely on the technology. If you are running the business then you for sure will be in competition with the other businesses and you can only compete with the other businesses when your business is making the good use of technology. A lot of software is available nowadays to make your business easy to handle and manage and this way you can run your business better and easier. Following are discussed the two types of the software that are used these days.

Time tracking software

Time tracking software is those which helps the employees to track their time and this type of software is most common and useful for the type of employees that get their salary per hours and that have to work for the specific time. This time tracking software is also used when the employees have to do a lot of work and they divide their work at different time intervals so they can finish up at the time.

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Following are some of the best time tracking software that you must know about

  • Time Doctor

Time doctor is one of the best time tracking software and this software help keep the track on the employee’s activities and its amazing feature Is that you can take a screenshot of the screen anytime you want to see what the employee has been doing. IT costs only $5-$10 per month.

  • Toggl

Another best time tracking software to keep an eye on your employee and help them do their work at the time. Detail of the time spent o working will help you keep the proper check and this costs almost $5 per month.

  • Tick

Another from the list of the best time tracking software is tick and with this time tracking software you can easily share the report to the third parties and for 1 project you can use this software for free and for more it costs charges and while in $149 you can get unlimited projects.

  • Rescue time

Rescue time is the same software and it costs the $9 to $7 per month.

  • Timecamp

Timecamp helps you keep the track of time of your employee’s tasks and it costs $6 to $9 per month.

Payroll software

Payroll software is the type of software that helps you pay the salary of your employees on time. If your business is a well-expanded ad you don’t have much time to give each employee money one by one then this software is best since you can pay all of your employees on time. Following is the list of some of the best payroll software.

  • Gusto

It is the best payroll software since it provides the automated payroll services and lifts the burden of paying each employee one by one off your shoulder.

  • Patriot

Patriot is another payroll software that is very reliable and affordable.

  • PayCheck Flex

PayCheck Flex is another software that can be used in the business of any size.

  • OnPay

OnPay is the best payroll software because with the help of it we can manage business online.

  • QuickBooks

It is the last but the best payroll software for your business.

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