Top reasons to hire a truck accident lawyer

Why You Should Hire a Truck Accident Lawyer – World Congress of  Environmental And Resource Economists

If you, or a loved one, were involved in a commercial truck accident, you should consider filing for a personal injury lawsuit. In New Mexico, hundreds of truck accidents are reported each year, many of which lead to fatalities and debilitating injuries for victims. The statute of limitations in the state allows a period of three years to file your claim, but that doesn’t mean you should wait for that long. Right from the time of accident, every single hour and day counts, and it makes sense to talk to one of the Albuquerque truck accident lawyers at the earliest. Here’s why you definitely need a truck accident lawyer. 

  1. Trucking accidents are complex. It is often hard to determine the fault in a truck accident. Should you blame the driver? Should you sue the trucking company? Your attorney is your biggest asset in filing the claim. 
  2. Trucking companies and insurance companies are huge. A trucking company pays huge amount to insurance companies, and these insurers are always keen on reducing their financial liability. They may adhere to numerous tactics for the same. Without a lawyer, you are truly an underdog in such cases. 
  3. Your injuries are severe. Trucks are huge in size and even a minor truck accident can have serious consequences. If your injuries are likely to impact your ability to work and your life in the long run, you should definitely hire a lawyer who specializes in dealing with truck accident cases.
  4. Negotiation can be hard. Insurance companies, if they know that they have to eventually pay, will try to make an offer as soon as possible, hoping that the victim accepts the compensation and they don’t have to pay more. Avoid that trap. Let an experienced truck accident lawyer in Albuquerque decide on the compensation you truly reserve. 
  5. Know your rights. Most victims have no idea of personal injury law, how to file a claim, and things that may crop up in the matter, especially with regards to commercial truck accidents. A lawyer will help you know and understand your rights, and you can expect to get assistance on all relevant aspects. 

Hiring a truck accident lawyer is entirely your personal call, and we strongly recommend that you consider all relevant aspects before hiring one. Look for a law firm that specializes in truck accident cases, so that you can be assured of getting specialized assistance for such critical claims. 

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