Month: August 2020

What Manufacturers Need to Know About Conformal Coatings

Conformal coatings are designed to protect sensitive electronic circuits from moisture, chemical contaminants, and debris. They don’t just provide a barrier against airborne contaminants. Conformal coatings are also electrically insulating and maintain long-term surface insulation resistance (SIR), making them perfect for electrical applications. Read on to find out everything business owners and electronics manufacturers need […]

5 Ways To Optimize And Improve Customer Journey

In today’s competitive business world, customer experience holds great value as it results in brand loyalty. To improve the customer journey, businesses must raise their bar to understand the consumers and meet their needs.  As technology advances, the customer’s expectations vary, and organizations may find it hard to adapt quickly. To make things easier, we […]

What Is A Mortgage?

A mortgage is simply a loan that helps a homeowner to purchase a property. The property you receive from the mortgage serves as security for the lender so they will be able to take your property if you fail to make your repayments.  Remember that with any loan there is always an interest rate attached […]

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