Month: January 2022

What is the relationship between MVP Software development and Digital Transformation?

The phrase Digital Transformation has become an overused buzzword with little to no substance behind it. MVP Software development is a recognized industry leader in Digital Transformation, helping organizations understand how to apply disruptive technologies like big data and cloud computing to their business to grow. MVP Software Development delivers Digital Transformation solutions for our […]

How does a Sampling agency operate?

As a Sampling agency, we would contact a product manufacturer and identify a few products that are suitable for sampling to consumers. We contact select customers and hand them out the samples with a request to trial the product and complete a survey, upon completion we offer coupons or rewards. We can also track the […]

Everything who must be aware of the iot hub

The iot hub is the leading iot platform for quick and easy development, management, and control of smart devices. With the cloud-based award-winning ios or android app, get real-time visibility, fine-tune settings, or set up schedules to manage your connected equipment from anywhere. The iot hub is a distributed, centralized, open-source, and physical connectivity hub […]

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