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The iot hub is the leading iot platform for quick and easy development, management, and control of smart devices. With the cloud-based award-winning ios or android app, get real-time visibility, fine-tune settings, or set up schedules to manage your connected equipment from anywhere. The iot hub is a distributed, centralized, open-source, and physical connectivity hub device that provides a set of features to let you build your iot solution. It connects devices to the cloud and other devices securely. The iot hub can connect the devices to heterogeneous standards such as ethernet, 802.15.4, and 6LoWPAN wireless protocol.

SmarthomeONE offers to you the iot (internet of things) hub. The iot connects things by allowing them to share and exchange data via a wireless network. It has an integrated dual-core 800MHz CPU, 4G RAM, and 16G Rom. The iot does the translation between different protocols and is ready for the future thanks to the wide range of supported sensors (Bluetooth, Wifi, and Zigbee). Available with a set of accessories including a zipper bag and USB cable. A new hub for the devices in your connected home. The iot platform allows you to manage your devices remotely. It allows your devices to connect.

Today, I would like to introduce IoT Hub, that public cloud offers a way to reduce the complexity of IoT solutions with common enterprise-grade security, privacy, scalability, and global connectivity. It provides a scalable cloud solution for the management and movement of data generated by any connected device. As smart devices proliferate around the world, we need new ways of capturing, processing. IoT Hub is a powerful management tool for IoT developers. It provides a single API to manage secure cloud connectivity, device provisioning, and application development for any number of devices through an easy-to-use service broker.

Intel® IoT Hub is a unified, cloud-based gateway that extends the power of the Intel® IoT Platform for data collection and analysis. IoT devices connect to the cloud through an open and secure gateway that makes access easier and faster. This solution provides smart device connectivity, management, and control from any browser-enabled device. The iot platform is a cloud-based service that lets you know what is going on with your iot devices, teaches you how to use them, and helps you build applications that interact with those devices.

The first solution in the world that allows you to build and manage a complete IoT ecosystem, from the cloud to the edge. IoT stands for Internet of Things. As a technology, IoT is expected to have widespread impacts on many industries shortly such as manufacturing, agriculture, energy, and transportation. The increasing numbers of connected devices are expanding business growth for this new global marketplace. The Internet of Things (IoT) is a growing connectivity opportunity worth an estimated $1.7 trillion by 2020.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a development of the Internet in which everyday devices have network connectivity and can send/receive data to each other and the Internet without human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction. This link presents an introduction to a technological concept.

So what is iot hub? Other similar words need to be clarified. Its huge number of users may be sure the data is correct and the content is correct; iot platform does the same things about suppliers, portals, and dealers like the name.

We have conducted a series of tests on companies that are offering iot platform and iot hub

The Iot Hub is a powerful, flexible, and easy-to-use IoT platform for operating small to large-scale IoT solutions. Leveraging Microsoft’s cloud platform – Azure, the Iot Hub supports multiple protocols with comprehensive device management capabilities. IoT Hub is the central, managed place to connect all things to all apps. It provides a fully managed, cloud-hosted hub that can be used by a variety of apps and devices running on any platform. IoT Hub is a key part of the Edge Computing functionality in Windows IoT Core because it facilitates device to cloud communication without relying on gateways or proxies.

The IoT Hub service is a fully managed cloud-based Message Queuing Telemetry Transport (MQTT) broker that allows you to send data from the cloud to your devices or send data from your devices to the cloud, securely and reliably. IoT Hub is a fully managed service for connecting, managing, and ingesting data from millions of globally dispersed devices. Your IoT solution will consist of both on-premises and cloud-based components interacting with each other, or with partners in cloud solutions like Azure. Either way, you have great flexibility to choose where your data lives using logical segregation, automated data routing, and hybrid connectivity.

The IoT Hub is a fully managed service that makes it easy for devices and applications to connect to the cloud using secure, standard protocols and APIs. This provides an ideal bridge for connecting your existing devices to the Microsoft Azure cloud platform via industry-standard security protocols. IoT Hub is provided at no additional cost with the IoT Suite and Azure offerings of most Azure services. Connect, protect, analyze and act on your data through a scalable, secure platform. IoT Hub uses a variety of messaging frameworks to communicate with your devices. You can use your own Azure Application Insights resources to monitor the telemetry generated by your devices and applications or use IoT Hub’s built-in anomaly detection capabilities.

In this IoT Hub tutorial, we will see the following topics – Introduction Part 1- Introduction Part 2- IoT Hub functionality Part 3- Consume Hub from Node.js Part 4- Resolve multi-tenancy using VNET Part 5- Connect to the IoT Hub from a device Part 6. In a new age, we have so many devices that are connected to the internet and controlled by the web. It is called the Internet of Things or IoT. No matter, it is your phone, TV, or refrigerator, everything just becomes another thing on the internet. It can be accessed by callable interface or API for making remote operations based on code foundation – NodeJS.

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