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Maritime law is a body that takes care of the employees working in docks. The law covers both domestic and international employees. The matters covered in this law include

  • Shipping
  • Navigation
  • Human and employment rights
  • Property damage
  • Stowaways
  • Pollution standards
  • Piracy
  • Towage
  • Insurance
  • Shipping standards for various bodies of water
  • Recreation
  • Wrecks and salvaging
  • Transportation of passengers and goods

Many accidents occur in which the employees are injured.  People, who have suffered any injury or met with an accident, can contact Lake Charles maritime lawyers who can help such people in getting compensation from the company. Let us know more about maritime law.

Features of Maritime law

There are many features of this law and the main ones have been described here.

International nature

The maritime law is made for national as well as international trade because shipping goods from one country to another country needs international relations. The vessels in the ocean have the flags of a state and these vessels sail from one country to another. If there is any problem in the vessels, they are amended at the foreign ports. In the same way, injured or sick seamen are also treated in the foreign lands. There can also be a situation that the cargo loaded on the ship may get damaged or lost. That is the reason that maritime laws have been made and lawyers should be familiar with them so that they can help the people to get compensation.


Maritime law is a complete legal system and is similar to civil law though the former one is older. There are many parts in the law, which includes laws related to sales, insurance, chartering, marine insurance and many other things.  Previously this law has its own courts and cases were dealt here. The law will also be made for personal and property relationship along with contracts. In other words, it can be said that this law is very comprehensive and deals with both public and private matters.

Special legal jargons

There are complex jargon, which one has to be familiar with in order to understand the law. If these terms will not be studied, then understanding the law is very difficult. These jargons are related to a specific law. Some of these jargons have been described here.

  • Charter party: It is a contract in which the whole or a part of a ship is taken into contract. The period of this contract can be long or short. It can also be made for a particular voyage only.
  • Maritime lien: It is a claim made against a ship, which provokes the services of loading, unloading and carrying the cargo. The cargo or the vessel can be damaged in a voyage and this term is used in this case.
  • General Average: This is the contribution given by ship and cargo owners, which is related to average expenditures and average sacrifices. The owner of the cargo can claim from the average contribution under the jurisdiction.
  • Salvage: This term is used to provide help to the ships, which are in danger. There are many rules, which are prescribed in many maritime nations.

Role of lawyers in maritime law

Maritime lawyers handle the situation regarding the injury to the seaman or to the cargo. The lawyers must be familiar with the maritime law in order to give special protection to the workers in a sea voyage. Another duty of the lawyers is to draft and enforce international legislation, which are related to the maritime law.

These lawyers must have full knowledge about the maritime law so that they can provide full benefit to their clients. There are cases related to business transactions in which ships are used. If the contract is breached, people can contact these lawyers in order to get rid of the crisis that had occurred due to the breach.

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