Reasons Why Customer Experience Is Important In Any Online Business

As a serious business owner, you must understand the importance of exceptional customer service. This goes beyond the belief that the customer is always right. It is about treating customers as you would your own family. This can not happen if all you’re doing is looking at more ways to extract money from them. You must go out of your way for your customers. You must add value. 

Bad news travels fast. It is possible but rare, in comparison, to hear stories from a raving fan of any business. You must think from a viral standpoint. Ask yourself what makes your organization different. How can you add value above your competitors? The way you treat customers indicates your overall view of life. Are you short-sighted and just looking for the next payday or do you understand that there are long-term implications for your actions? Honestly, you need to place your customer on a pedestal.

By providing true value to your customer you can nearly guarantee your success. Do not get caught up in corporate greed or advancement by a by-any-means-necessary approach. Keep your customer’s best interest at heart. Know what they need. Depending on your reach you may enlist a data-lead seo agency. Major corporations today understand that it is about the customer above everything. It is what has garnered these companies their success. If you want to create a monumental business or want to expand, you need to set yourself apart from the rest. 

It is much easier and less expensive to keep an existing customer than to acquire a new customer. 

It’s been reported that the average cost of attracting a new customer is 5 times more than the cost of retaining an existing customer. This is reason enough for any business to ensure that customers stay happy and continue to do business. As well existing customers are far more likely to purchase from you than a new customer. The likelihood of selling to an existing customer is around 60 to 70 per cent while the likelihood of gaining a new customer is around 5 to 20 per cent.

Your public business reputation and brand is strengthened by excellent customer service. 

Public perception is huge for the reputation and strength of your business. You must ensure a high level of customer service that not only results in positive reviews but helps solidify you as a brand leader for the type of products and services that you provide. This occurs by treating customers like gold. The best type of advertising is word-of-mouth. It is priceless. A person is more likely to listen to a friend’s recommendation than an advertisement. You want to create a community of raving fans who will champion your brand for you.

Great customer service conveys strong beliefs and moral values. 

Providing great customer service sends the message that there are greater forces at work in your business than the acquisition of mere profits. It allows your brand to transcend to building a tribe. Customers will sense your deeper desire to build something that helps others and that has the ability to change the world in some way or another. 

Endorsements can be created by loyal customers through online reviews and positive interaction. 

Loyal customers help businesses secure their brand. On average a loyal customer is 10 times more valuable than their initial purchase. 97 per cent will tell those close to them about very good or excellent customer service experiences. 70 per cent will spend more money. 24 per cent will return to do business for two or more years following a good customer service experience. 59% will leave you and try a new company in an effort to receive better customer service.

Rock Solid customer service provides value to your customers as well as to your business. By exceeding customer expectations you engage the customer and build strong long-lasting relationships. 

Customers will pay more for quality. 

Statistically, customers would pay up to 25 per cent more in an effort to obtain better customer service experiences. Your responsibility to provide quality service is clear.

Employee retention is affected by quality customer service. 

Employees desire to work for companies that appreciate their contributions, treat customers fairly, and encourage new ideas. They are more engaged when working for employers that provide excellent customer service. Those employees become advocates for the business and are more willing to stick through economic changes and challenges.

Exceptional customer service has the ability to elongate the life of your business. 

It is said today only 4 of every 100 businesses make the 10-year mark. That is a whopping 96 per cent that fails to succeed. When you go out of your way for your customer you increase the chances for your business’ longevity. Of all of the responsibilities and obligations that you have your customers should be at the core. 

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