Tips on Moving Your House on a Budget

Moving a house is an expensive both emotionally and financially. You can be moving due to a number of reasons and all of us are not lucky enough to move for free. We generally get to move for free when it is company sponsored. Moving expenses may add up fast and can lead to unnecessary stress especially when money is tight. To save yourself from unnecessary financial trouble and stress, you can follow the tips given below. Before working on the following tips create an editable moving checklist or get help from the cheap moving companies in your area, just to be sure about your most important tasks.

Declutter Your Home and Get Rid of Excess and Unwanted Stuff

Before spending money on moving, make some money first. Sort out all your belongings and take out all the unwanted stuff. Take out the things which you have not used since months or may be years. Consider if these items are worth the time, cost and energy to move, if not, then sell them and make some money.

After sorting and keeping all the items you’re not going to take along, figure out how you’re going to get rid of these pieces and make the most money. You can consider having a garage sale or estate sale, can sell them online by using various apps, can list them on your social media accounts for sale, and can ever barter them with your family and friends for your favourite items. And in the end donate the ones you couldn’t sell.

Switch to Cheap Packing Materials

Packing supplies are always costly. Before buying new packing supply, look for cheap packing materials available in your own home. Instead of using costly bubble wrap, you can try using socks for wrapping glassware. You can separate plates by using kitchen towels before stacking them in packing. Use original packing of things to pack again or you can even use these packing boxes to pack other stuff. Avoid buying packing supplies altogether by getting them from grocery stores for free. You can even ask your friends and family for leftover boxes or other packing materials.

Don’t Buy New Stuff for Your New Home

Avoid buying things for your new home. First settle there and buy anything if necessary. This is one of the best ways of saving money during a move. You should resist mentally decorating your new space until you’re actually in it.The lesser things you buy at present, the more money you can save as you will have limited moving inventory on the moving day.

Ask for Reimbursement

You can ask your new company if they will pay for moving expenses or if they offer compensation for relocation. You may get surprised as many companies do provide reimbursement facility.

Consider No Labour Move

Don’t hire labour to load stuff if possible. You can recruit either friends or movers, is always one of the most significant decisions you will make when moving on a budget. You can consider taking favour from your friends as they are always willing to help but it’s sometimes better to call the professionals too as there are many heavy things to lift.

So, these are a few tips that you can use to make your budget friendly move easy and successful.

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