4 Reasons to Shop Online on Black Friday

Black Friday happens only once a year. During this day, hundreds of people rush to big-box stores to get their hands on big discounts and amazing deals. But did you know? You can also do your Black Friday shopping online. Here are 4 reasons why you need to skip the madness in retail stores and just shop online on Black Friday.

You can avoid the crowd.

The crowds in malls and retails stores on Black Friday is actually terrifying. Once retail workers open their stores, people start rushing in and a stampede ensues. In fact, the crowd is less of a crowd and more of a mob of people who are racing to get to the best deals first. It doesn’t take a lot of searching on the internet to find pictures and videos of how dangerous Black Friday mobs can be. People get hurt—from the stampede, by getting in fights with other customers, retail workers being attacked by frenzied customers, etcetera. Sometimes, people even die during Black Friday sales, like the retail worker who died after a crowd forced their way into the store five minutes before it was scheduled to open. These incidents don’t even include the petty thefts that occur during the madness. With all the people carrying cash and cards in their wallets, it’s not a surprise that pickpockets go to retail stores during Black Friday as well.

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You don’t have to wait in line.

With the Black Friday crowd comes the long checkout lines. It can take you over an hour before you reach the cash register. In fact, the lines are so long that multiple websites have written posts about how to survive while waiting in line at retail stores during Black Friday. A few examples of their “waiting in line” tips include bringing a folding chair and some form of entertainment (like an audiobook or a podcast to listen to) and finding the register closest to the bathroom.

There are amazing deals online.

Yes, Black Friday online deals are a thing, and they’re actually pretty amazing. In fact, an increasing number of stores are beginning to offer the same deals online to those that they offer in their physical stores. During Black Friday, some stores also offer free shipping to their online customers, while a few have an additional free next-day shipping for orders that reach a certain value. Now you can get the same deals and discounts from the comfort of your home.

You can shop from more stores.

When you visit a physical store on Black Friday, the reality is you may only have the chance to go to that one store. With the crowd and the lines, it will be exhausting to do it all over again. This is not a problem with online shopping. You can visit as many online stores as you want and get all the good deals you can get with no one to stop you but your wallet.

Everybody loves a good deal on amazing products, but is it really worth braving the Black Friday crowd, though? If you want to avoid the madness, online shopping is definitely a great solution. You can save money, time and energy (not to mention, prevent injuries) by shopping online on Black Friday.

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