5 Stanhope Seta Quality Control Products that Are Changing the World

When it comes to reliable, high-quality laboratory test equipment and instruments, nothing compares to Stanhope Seta. Stanhope Seta manufactures equipment that is designed to ensure quality control within the laboratory by measuring the physical characteristics that determine product quality. Stanhope Seta stands above all competitors, serving as the epitome of for top-rated, high-quality test instrumentation.

Stanhope Seta covers a variety of products, laboratory equipment, and test instrumentation. From simple thermometers to particle counters to hydrogen sulphide analyzers, Stanhope Seta and Stanhope Seta distributors have you taken care of!

Here are five precise, high-quality Stanhope Seta products that YOU should be interested in: 

The New Seta Auto PMCC

The first Stanhope Seta product that is worth mentioning is the *brand new* Sea Auto PMCC. It is a fully automated Pensky-Martens Closed Cup Flash Point Tester. This product provides rapid, accurate flash point analysis, advanced microcomputer control, and an easy to use touch screen interface. The Sea Auto PMCC requires minimal computer intervention and conforms strictly to the latest safety and test methods, ensuring that the user gets an accurate reading. With a compact environmental footprint and added safety features like a fire extinguisher, this product is a guilt-free, stress-free purchase.

AvCount 2 Particle Counter

AvCount 2 is a particle counter designed to measure particle concentration in liquid fuel, lubricants or filter systems. The best part about this product is its stainless-steel case that makes it easy to transport the AvCount 2 from one location to another. This innovative, useful product has many useful features like a six-minute test time, cumulative and distribution particle counts, easy-to-read touch screen display, 15 measuring channels, programable limit inputs and outputs, as well as integrated data storage, double pump system, and printer. With a portable design and accurate results, the AvCount 2 Particle Counter is the ideal choice for your testing needs.

Evochrom Diesel System

The Evochrom Diesel System is the perfect instrument for fuel testing. Use this product to measure the particles, residue, and composition of a liquid fuel product. The Evochrom Diesel System has many useful features like an isocratic pump, column oven with a solvent alarm system, solvent reservoir or degasser unit, refractive index director, STVM validation tools, as well as an included software package. The pack system allows for easy use and portability. This product also meets the fuel specifications for aromatics and chromatography testing methods. Unlike all competitors, the top-rated Evochrom Diesel System will provide fast, reliable readings and precise results.

Fiji FAME Jet Instrument

The Fiji FAME in Jet Instrument is the ideal choice for jet fuel testing equipment. This product accurately determines and measures the fatty acids within aviation turbine fuel. The Fame In Jet Instrument (FIJI) measures jet fuel contents on parts per million (PPM) and detects FAME down to the 20mg level. The Fiji FAME Jet Instrument uses Fourier Transform Infra-red Spectroscopy method and a patented sample preparation system that makes readings as accurate as possible. With the use of the Fiji Fame Jet Instrument, the user can avoid unneeded expenses like pricey, professional fuel testing and costly fuel delays. It’s easy to use, even for untrained operators.

H26 Analyzer

The H26 Analyzer is the best choice for testing crude oil. With this product, all H2S is removed from the test sample by the use of severe heat and agitation. The H26 Analyzer is precise and super easy to use! There are no costly, dangerous chemicals, and there’s no need to hire a professional chemist to operate this testing equipment. The best features of this useful product are the Vapour Phase Processor, product safety measurement, and a total lack of messy, wet chemicals. With the H26, the user doesn’t have to worry about quality control and safety concerns as it fits within the required specifications.


Where You Can Find Stanhope Seta Products…

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When it comes to testing quality control and safety within the laboratory, you can’t go wrong by choosing Stanhope Seta! With a focus on technological innovation and method safety, Stanhope Seta is the leading laboratory test equipment company in the world. Safety, quality, and accuracy is their guarantee!

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