5 Tips to Attract Investors

Having plans on starting a business? Have an idea with strong determination and creditability? Confused about funding option?

Then you have dropped at the right place. Many people want to be an entrepreneur but are stuck because of getting venture capital fund. Ever wondered if Mark Zuckerberg or Jack Ma had set back, Where they would be? Forget about them where we would have been without Facebook?

It’s not an easy task for anyone to execute your idea but it takes efforts to call investors for your idea. Here I’m listing 5 tips that will help you to get investors for your idea:

  1. Have a story

A decent story can be effective to show rather than numbers or facts. Telling them your plan and your future vision on how your start-up will develop and go up to a particular segment of the market with a story can help you to get support for your idea. And also history says that human brain is 30% more attentive to a story.

  1. Be genuine

Be professional and don’t act stupid. Frame your idea in a particular route. Show some facts and numbers as investors from venture capital firms in India are interested in numbers. Make a presentation to demonstrate your idea and importantly show numbers. The thumb rule here is to simply act naturally.

  1. Don’t be Desperate

You should not be edgy. Have a dream, show them. Show them your core interest is in your idea, not in cash. Don’t be desperate about showing your cash interest. They’ll think that you just want cash and not dedicated to your idea.

  1. Seek advisors

Before making a presentation or fixing a meeting with the investors, seek advice from advisors. Don’t be Einstein and lose your chance of funding your idea. It is preferable to get funds from such investors that at times can help you with your execution.

  1. Be confident about your idea

The main thing that an investor is looking for is your confidence and your determination for your dream. The investors will only fund your idea if they are confident in you. Be strong to your idea. Confidence means not just acting confidence but knowing your idea properly. You should be capable of answering any questions asked by investors. Your answers will depict your confidence.

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