A Shop Management System Worthy of Reviewing by Tekmetric

Tekmetric brings you a revolutionized shop management system

If you’re like most shop owners and managers, you’ve probably wanted a better shop management system. While the older systems certainly serve their purpose, they typically have limited functionality. Digital vehicle inspections are the hot new trend in diagnostics. Your customers always want more information and better prices. With Tekmetric, you’ll be able to save money and offer them both.

Tekmetric’s shop management system makes digital vehicle inspections easy

Digital vehicle inspections provide a much better tool for preparing estimates. With this feature, you can skip the forms and work right from your tablet. Any mobile device with internet connectivity is able to utilize this feature. You’ll have immediate access to inventory, labor charges, OEM part information, and much more. Customers love the ability to receive electronic notifications and access to their service records. You can integrate features like Carfax reports into the program. Photos and electronic communications help customers to understand the importance and reason for repairs. Integrated labor charges and a checkout feature allow you to seamlessly create work orders and estimates. Saving time and money on completing paperwork and form costs make the service well worth it. You won’t have to go back and forth just to price a job. Tekmetric’s digital vehicle inspections help your business to run more efficiently. You’ll be able to focus on growing your business rather than clerical work.

Tekmetric gives you added peace of mind with its security features

A topic that’s of concern to all shop owners is protecting your business’ information. Without security features, you could be risking sensitive business, customer, and vehicle information. Tekmetric is a web-based shop management system so it uses the latest data encryption technology. The website also allows you to access all shop information with a single sign-on. Whether you own one shop or 100, you’ll be able to manage them all from one place. This is also a great feature for shop owners that are required to be away from their business. You can set access levels for all of your employees, so they’ll only be able to access what’s necessary. You’ll be able to save even more money by not having to maintain a server. Peace of mind is a significant benefit to any shop owner and manager.

Tekmetric provides you with powerful management tools

Job and shop profitability reporting is a breeze with Tekmetric’s shop management system. You’ll be able to set up customized reporting that’s specific to your shop. Canned jobs allow you to access and prepare customized work orders and estimates instantly. Vendor information is always available right at your fingertips. An appointment scheduling feature keeps your garage full and helps maximize profits. You’ll be able to set service reminders and electronically communicate with your customers. Getting status updates, estimates, and appointment reminders are features that your customers will love. You’ll be able to focus on the important aspects of managing your business with Tekmetric while reducing your overhead costs.

Tekmetric offers you a free demonstration and trial

Tekmetric is so confident that their shop management system will benefit you, they’re offering a no-obligation trial. There’s no commitment involved and you’ll be able to enjoy the service for free throughout the rest of 2018. An in shop demonstration will show you exactly how Tekmetric will benefit your business. Simply visit their website to set up your demonstration and free trial. This information can be located at https://www.tekmetric.com/. Getting started is quick and easy. Visit their website and start enjoying Tekmetric, today.

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