Add magical charm to your balcony with impressive garden decor

Today the entire world is dealing with unusual challenge of novel coronavirus. To stop the spread of the virus majority of the population is staying home and everyone is doing their best to stay fit and healthy. The importance of plants for good health and overall wellbeing cannot be overemphasized. In most of the big cities people are gradually becoming disconnected from the nature. But people who are living in condos can grow balcony garden for condos (แต่งระเบียงคอนโดwhich is the term in Thai) and cultivate their own small patch of earth in their home. You can rest, relax and rejuvenate in the fresh air and greenery of the balcony garden and can induce positivity in the surrounding,

Be well prepared

Regardless of the space, design and type all gardens need a little regular love. Without proper sunlight, water and care it is not possible to keep the garden thriving throughout the year. Hence before setting up the garden balcony consider certain aspects and then take unambiguous decision

  • Determine the space and how much light and wind your balcony receives
  • Location of the balcony such as north facing, east facing, south facing or west facing
  • Weather condition of the place
  • Type of plants, flowers, vegetables and herbs you want to grow
  • Time, effort and money you are willing to dedicate to your garden
  • Watering options

Best garden design

A well maintained and clutter free balcony garden can instantly grab attention of others. People can spend quality time with their family in the midst of the nature and even professionals who are working from home can choose the balcony garden as per workspace. Hence choose the best garden design and décor as per your personal décor goal, budget and lifestyle from the ample of options such as such as vertical garden, Minimalist condo garden landscaping, Upcycled Garden, The Hanging Garden, Deck Balcony, Rail Garden, etc.

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