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Driving a car combines convenience with pleasure. However, a relaxing weekend drive can turn into a nightmare if your car breaks down and to make matters worse, there’s no garage in sight ! 

Do Not Panic. Take a deep breath and call your car insurance provider to request Roadside Assistance. This is a feature in car insurance which can be your saviour in case of an engine break or a flat tyre !

Roadside Assistance is an Add-On feature offered in car insurance and can come to your rescue in case of:

  • Minor Mechanical/Electrical Breakdown and Phone Assistance- If your car has a flat tyre or an engine breakdown in the middle of the road or even at home, your insurance company will arrange for a mechanic to come to the site of breakdown to replace tyre, jump start engine and fix other mechanical or electrical issues. If you’re unable to wait for a mechanic, you can get guidance over the phone so you can resolve the issue yourself.
  • Towing Facility- If due to a mechanical/electrical failure or in case of an accident, your insurer will arrange for a tow truck to take your car to the nearest network garage or authorized service centre.
  • Fuel Delivery- If your car runs out of fuel in the middle of your journey with the next petrol pump being kilometres away, call the insurer to get up to 5 Litres of fuel delivered to you. Your insurer will only arrange for the facility and you will have to pay the price of the fuel delivered.
  • Provision of Spare Keys-  If you are locked out of your car or you misplace/lose your car keys, a spare set of keys will be delivered to you.
  • Alternate Transport and Accommodation- Your insurance company can arrange for an alternate car/taxi to take you to a single destination in case of a breakdown and even arrange for you to stay in a hotel nearby while your car is being repaired. You will have to pay for the room and/or taxi.

Factors which affect cost of roadside assistance :

  • Age of Car : If your car is brand new, you may not need roadside assistance immediately as the car is in excellent condition, although some car dealers may offer it right at the time of purchase. An older car is more susceptible to breakdown and hence, going for roadside assistance is a wise choice. As the age of your car increases, the cost of roadside assistance also increases.
  • Type of Travel : The cost of roadside assistance is different for people who regularly travel within city limits and people who travel intercity frequently.
  • Frequency of Covered Services Covered : Enquire about all the type and number of services offered as there may be a cap on the number of times a service can be availed in a single year.

Most insurance providers offer Roadside Assistance as an add-on cover in a comprehensive car insurance policy. But it can be purchased as a standalone product with a Third Party car insurance too. This is advisable in case you have an older car.

Roadside Assistance in car insurance can be your saviour in an emergency, keeping you safe and securing care for your car.

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