Building Your Own Website versus Hiring a Pro

If you are a business owner you will agree with me that having an online presence is important. An online presence allows you to present your brand to online customers and builds credibility for your business.

One way of making it easier for online customers to find you is to have a website. If you want to build your business website, you will find many free online website builders that promise that you can do it in minutes. This may leave you asking yourself if it is even worth hiring a professional web designer such as Ethos Design. In this article, we look at the factors that can help you make a wise decision between these two choices.

Going for the professional look

Do it yourself (DIY) website builder templates like Squarespace or WordPress have limited design options. Although some offer customized themes that you can use to fit your business personality, the end result might not have a very professional look. If you are looking to build a simple website for personal use, we would advise you to go for this option.

On the other hand, a pro website designer has the expertise and design possibilities that you might not have. Additionally, they have an eye for design and will know what needs to be included in your website. Further, the end result will be a professional website that will even impress your customers.

Do you have the skills to set up your site?

If you choose the DIY option, you will have to have basic understanding of how free website programs like WordPress or Joomla work. Alternatively, you can learn HTML and code your own site.

While most of the website builder sites will promise a 30 minute learning curve, this curve can be as long as several weeks or months depending on how tech savvy you are. Research shows that only 3% of the people who choose the DIY route create their websites and 98% of them do not publish their website on their desired domain. This is proof that DIY might not be as easy as it looks.

Hiring a professional means someone else takes the trouble of learning out of your hands. The end result is a website that works and presents the message you want to your customers.

How much will it cost me?

It all comes down to the cost doesn’t it?

Of course it is cheaper to DIY than it is to hire a professional website designer. The latter can cost you an average of $500 to $3000 for a basic website. While this might seem expensive,consider the time and cost savings you get in the end.

A professional website can easily pay for its investment in terms of more business and a better online presence. It also saves you time you spend trying to come up with a professional looking website.


Building your own website is a good option if you are looking for a simple website. However, if you want a professional website that can spur your business growth forward consider hiring a pro.

A professional website building firm will have a team of experts who live and breathe website design. They will get you a website that focuses on your business brand and goals for the improved growth of your business.

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