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Buying a car, especially in India, is an occasion worth celebrating. Not only are we on cloud nine about it, but we also ensure that the new vehicle is protected from any kind of physical damage. However, we can so only be careful on our part, and the rest becomes dependent on multiple external factors. To avoid any financial loss, it is best to opt for a car insurance the moment the vehicle is bought. If you are looking to buy or have a Maruti car then it is feasible to use the services of Maruti insurance. Let us have a look at the basic guidelines to be followed while doing so.

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Reasons for buying aMaruti car insurance

Maruti Insurance, as it is popularly known, is the insurance branch of the automobile giant. The aim is to provide insurance policies suitable to each buyer while Maruti acts as a broker between the customer and the insurance companies. The following are the other benefits of using the services of Maruti insurance.

  • The policies provided by these companies are usually unique and are not given to any other customer. This means that if you want this particular policy, you would be able to get it only through Maruti car insurance.
  • Maruti car insurance brings together 11 insurance service providers to cater to the needs of their customers. These include all the big brand names like National Insurance, Oriental Insurance, The New India Assurance Company and United India Insurance.
  • Maruti is known for having a superior repair center The policyholders of Maruti Insurance can get their cars repaired at any of these workshops without any hassle.
  • These insurance policies can be procured for all kinds of Maruti vehicles. The only requirement is that the vehicle should not be more than 10 years old.
  • The biggest advantage here lies in the fact that the policyholders are provided cashless repairs in case of any damage. Car owners only need to pay excess amount and depreciation.The rest of the costs are all borne by the insurance companies.
  • The claim settlement process is fair and transparent and provides the exact cost of each part to the customer so that they do not have to shell out extra money for the same.

Process followed by Maruti Car Insurance Renewal

Maruti Insurancehas a very simplistic approach when it comes to getting an existing policy renewed.

  • Submission of details-Once you are at the website, log into the Maruti Suzuki car insurance section. You will have to submit information of car model, Car registration RTO, Status of policy expiration and mobile number.
  • Comparison tool– Next, the website would provide you the most suitable policies available for your car. You can easily compare all the options available and find one which appears the most suited to your requirement.
  • Make the purchase– Once you have done the comparison, you just have to pick the policy and complete your purchase. The entire process is very easy and also provides you the convenience of checking insurances from multiple brands under one roof.

Do’s and Don’ts to be followed.

  • Understand the entire benefits of your policy before applying for the same.
  • If applying personally, read each and every point of the form that you are filling. Online applications also come with their share of conditions and hence, read carefully before applying.
  • Take a print out of the entire proposal so as to go back to refer to it when needed.
  • Read your policy document carefully for any hidden conditions.
  • Don’t let any other person fill your form or even go through it.
  • Don’t leave any column in the form vacant.
  • Don’t forget that renewing your policy on time is as critical as applying for a new one.
  • Don’t hide anything while filing the form just because you think that information is not important.

Insuring your car is best way to be future ready, if you have any further queries about Maruti Insurance renewal we would be happy to address them.

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