Can a WhatsApp message be used as proof in UAE courts?

So many times, people do different deals with each other but they do not have proper contracts regarding that. this creates problems when one of the people refuses to pay the money on the deal. In such a case, all that people have been WhatsApp messages. This is the only proof they have in front of the court.

The question arises here that can the WhatsApp messages be used as a proof in the courts of UAE?

Well, we can use the WhatsApp messages as a proof but the messages or any evidence should be retained in the device from which it was originated.

So many people get so many evidence and to keep them secure, they transfer them to other files. They do this in order to secure the evidence in case of any robbery but the courts do not accept the evidence which is not in their real format and files.

It is very necessary for all the electronic media to be in their original form so that nobody can exploit them in any way.

Technological advances

Technology has advanced too much and has given us so many benefits but on the other hand, it has disastrous effects as well. people can change the scripts and can change the evidence as well. this is why everything is accepted only in its original form.

Court of the law

Court of the law never stops anyone from doing he efforts to prove their innocence. This is why the courts have allowed any sort of electronic devices to be showed up as proofs. To make the proofs considered as true, you must not forward them to any other device. You must not even sed them to any other device if you want them to be accepted by the courts in UAE.

Stick to the contracts

People need to stick to the contracts they do to others. This is against the law to not act according to the contracts you sign yourself for certain things. If you want to stay away from all the problems that might trouble you a lot, you must stick to your contracts and avoid such circumstances wholly.

So many people spoil their reputation in from of everyone when they do not act according to the signed contracts.

Criminal lawyers in Dubai to your rescue

Criminal lawyers in Dubai work in different law firms. They help those clients who get accused of things they didn’t commit. In such cases, people must go to the best law firms in UAE. in this way, they will not only be able to get their money back but will also be able to prove their innocence.

Criminal lawyers are actually the only ones who can help you in such critical situations. they know how to deal with things like this. They know how they should handle the cases in which everything is to be dealt with delicacy. They will help you and will do everything without bothering you at all. They are the best!

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