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You do not have to be perfect. The Pareto principle states that 80% of the results are often achieved with 20% of the work. So concentrate on the important things. You can search by write my essay for me free online and get the best supports for the same now.

The things that bring success

Better to write 5 articles per week, that hit the nerve of the readers and arrive very well, than the articles, where most of them are not really read often or what has been treated a thousand times in other blogs.

Separate the important from the unimportant

This point has a lot to do with the previous one. Take a look at what’s really important to the success of your blog and do it.

Elaborate and distracting work, which is always necessary for blogs, should be collected and done in one go. So you could pick up all the technical work for Friday afternoon.

It does not always have to be Pillar items

Try not to be perfect and score 100 points with each item. In addition to the big pillar articles that are often linked and also arrive well in social news portals, you should also give your own blog some meat in the form of short news articles or the like. These articles are often written fairly quickly.

Have fun blogging

If you enjoy blogging and do not see it as a chore, you also take the time to write blog articles. So try to enjoy it and you will have few problems with the missing time.

For example, we prefer blogging rather than doing the underground TV program.

Vision = motivation

Without a vision, ie long-term goals, it is difficult to maintain motivation over a longer period of time. The vision can be anything.

  • For example, the success stories of other bloggers motivate me a great deal and from this, one or the other’s own vision has developed.
  • Just delivering his daily blog routine without a goal can cost motivation for one or the other in the long run.
  • As a self-employed person who has his office in-house, I am in the lucky position that I can divide my blogging time quite well.
  • But we can understand that it is hard for someone after a long and hard day’s work to regain their composure and write one or more blog articles.

“Content is King” is the repeatedly used success formula for websites and blogs.

But it’s not that easy, because of course, even if the content of a website is the basis for success, not every content is equally good and not every type of content is equally successful.

That’s why we want to give you a blog tip today that may seem pretty simple, but from my experience is very successful and has brought many new visitors to my blogs in the past few years. The trick here is to save time and work for the readers. As I said, that sounds simple, but is enormously effective.


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