Do You Work Efficiently Or Only Effectively?

Those who want to work efficiently and effectively occasionally confuse these two terms. This is understandable because of the similar wording, but in practice means a completely different approach.

What’s the Difference?

To remember the two terms and especially the practice behind them: If you work effectively, then you are performing the appropriate things. If you’re working efficiently, you’re not just doing things, you’re doing them right.

Those who are effective achieve their goal. It’s all about the relationship between;

  • The aspired
  • And the achieved.

The effort is again not considered. It’s all about achieving the goal – exactly and completely. You are doing the appropriate things, meaning you are effective.

On the other hand, if you are efficient, then not only what you aspire to and what you have achieved will play a role, but above all the area in between. How is the goal achieved? Example if you’re to receive product photography (รับถ่ายรูปสินค้า which is the term in Thai) in a set time.

In terms of efficiency, one looks at the relationship between input and output and also looks at time and costs. In terms of efficiency, economic efficiency is often talked about.

In plain language, this suggests that it is efficient to perform a task completely and accurately (effectively) while considering the effort involved. In terms of effectiveness, this task would be irrelevant.

You are not just doing the proper things. You do things appropriately; it denotes you are efficient.

Is It Better To Work Effectively Or Efficiently?

The difference is clear now. But what is better? When you work for example on SEO (รับทำ SEO which is the erm in Thai), should you focus on what you aim to accomplish and achieve the result – no matter how much time and money it costs? That would be effective, you would have done your job and achieved your goals. That’s what you did the appropriate things for.

That’s right and, above all, important. Unfortunately, if you did the wrong things, then efficiency will not help you at all. If you are just efficient but not effective then you are doing things right, but not the right things. If you are doing the appropriate things, but not in the right way, then you are only effective, but not efficient.

So, in a sense, both areas are conditional if you want it to be perfect.

  • Work effectively and do the right things.
  • Work efficiently and do the right things right.

Note: Just being efficient doesn’t help you. Just being effective will take you to the goal, but either with effort or hardship, with cost, time or nerves. Being Effective AND Efficient at the Same Time – That’s the Biggest Gain You Should Go for.

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