Effectively Dealing with an Impactful Situation

Drivers share the road with pedestrians, bicyclists, and other drivers. What is sometimes forgotten is that animals don’t realize there are rules for using these roads. In some states, it’s a regular event to see deer in the early morning and then again in the early evening. They are lovely to observe and a delight to watch from a distance, but they are a true danger when they invade your right of passage without warning and quite literally impact your day. By ensuring you have the right coverage and taking the necessary steps during and after one of these encounters, you could save money and more importantly a worse injury.

Being Evasive Can Be Dangerous

When you find yourself suddenly confronting a deer on the road ahead of you, there are some basic maneuvers you can do. Do not take an evasive action like driving off the side of the road or turning into the oncoming lane. You could easily do much more damage to yourself, your car and possibly other people. The fact is that it is actually safer to hit the deer than to try to avoid it. So brace yourself, firmly press on the brake pedal, keep a tight grip on the steering wheel, and bring your car to a complete stop. Practice and mindset ahead of time can make all the difference, possibly saving you money and bodily harm.

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Being Proactive Is Your Best Defense

After the impact, here are some insurance tips for deer accidents that could help with your safety and your insurance claim. Pull your car off of the road and call 911. Do some of your own investigating by taking pictures of your vehicle and the accident site, as well and any injuries that were incurred. Get contact information and statements from any witnesses and call your insurance company. This will get the ball rolling for your claim. Being proactive can save you money and valuable time in the future.

Thinking Ahead Could Save You Money

The bottom line is, what will all of this cost you? First, you need to be aware that a collision with a deer and the damage ensued by it is only insured by your comprehensive coverage. Also, note that comprehensive insurance is not typically part of your mandatory car insurance for driving. To protect yourself before an accident like this happens, ensure that you always have some comprehensive coverage especially if you live or drive in an area where deer and other large game are present. A claim for an accident involving a deer according to a national average is over $4000. Good coverage will definitely save you money even though you will still have to pay the deductible.

No one wants to be involved in an accident of any kind, and a collision with a deer is much more dangerous than many people realize. Because the damage and risk can be extensive, you can help save time, money, and possibly lives by taking the correct steps before, during and after this happens.


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