Few Design Tips For Printed Custom Cup Sleeves

There seems to be no limit in the creativity in printing the custom cup sleeves. If you fall short of ideas then there are professional design services that may offer you with some free advice and tips as well. However, most of the people want to use their own graphic designers for a unique payout and a few even want to design everything from the layout to the prints of the paper cups by them. To prepare the artwork for your printed cups you can even use software for unique designs. The illustrator will provide you with step by step design tips and will ensure flexibility to adjustthe design to the cup template.

Printing Color Model

Choose the right printing color model taking help of the software. Make sure that you do not use spot colors where it is not required. Ensure the prints are in high resolution to create a better image and precise representation of graphics and photos. You can also come up with your ideas and other print forms as the professional printing service will use the software to make it print compliant with the right color. However, there are a few colors you must watch out for such as bright orange to prevent discrepancies. Moreover, a few spot colors may not be food safe inks. Therefore, enquire first.

Few Printing FAQs

To avoid any issues during printing it is better to ask the professional about the print, the color, the printing process and much more. Know whether raster or vector graphics will be better as in most cases vector will give more suppleness in color perfections. Apart from that the print quality is usually better. Make sure black is original black and is not processed using different colors as it may look dark brown for its high ink coverage.

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