Few Things That You Must Know About Tote Bags

Tote bags are one of the popular accessories that are used by most of us, as it is very easy to use and also serves a useful purpose. These bags are nowadays effectively used by marketers to promote their brand and products.

You can find these tote bags in many different sizes and serves our purpose in many different ways. Let us know few important details about these bulk order reusable bags in this small article.

What is tote bag?

Tote bags can be very useful for carrying different stuffs and people are normally found to be carrying such bags while going for shopping to a grocery store or for buying other stuff.

You can find them in a variety of sizes, which is also having a handle and basically these bags offer easy ways to carry the item. The material used for such tote bags are usually a fabric of certain durable material like linen or cotton, which is also used for backpack.

History if tote bag

The concept of tote bags is very old and people started using it since the 17th century. The term “tote” literally means “to carry”. However, during 1900s these bags became more popular. However, in the USA it became popular after 1944.

Originally, the purpose of these tote bags was for carrying ice during the outings. The production of these tote bags was done with little different design.

During 1950s American housewives brough back these tote bags into the mainstream society. By the year 1960, tote bags became a fashion statement. Even the intellectual’s society started using these tote bags in the bookstores.

Nowadays, these tote bags are considered to be eco-friendly bags and are available in many different colors and designs. You can easily customize these bags and print almost any message and distribute it among people.

What is used for making tote bag?

A canvas material is used for making these tote bags. Canvas is generally made from cotton or linen and during olden days, even hemp was also used however, it is no more used nowadays.

Canvas material was popularly used for making tents or canvas for artists. Hence, a waterproofing coating is given on these materials. Therefore, even in the rain these bags remain protected.

The material for canvas is usually sourced from our natural environment and therefore tote bags made by this material are considered to be environment friendly.

Are these tote bags waterproof?

Though most of the tote bags offered by various stores may be using certain waterproof material however there are few other tote bags available which may be much cheaper or have been made with DIY method, may not have any waterproofing coating over them.

There are lots of advantages of these waterproof tote bags and it is worth paying little higher cost for such waterproof tote bags. A waterproof tote bag can always keep your stuff protected from rainwater or other kind of water damage.

A very easy way you can waterproof these tote bags is by mixing certain wax material while producing them.

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