Five Tips for Designing a Stunning Bedroom

Your bedroom should be your own personal sanctuary, a place that expresses who you are, your feelings, and your favourite colors. Follow these five top tips to creating the perfect bedroom:


Choose a Relaxing Color

Try to avoid strong primary colors, instead look at soothing pastel shades and remember that soft shades of green, blue, and purple are the most relaxing according to color theory. If pastel is not your thing, then gemstone hues of blue, green or purple can help create a cosy environment. If your favourite color is very strong, try to pick a slightly less bold version of it in order to promote restfulness.

Ceilings Don’t have to be White!

Instead of painting the ceiling white, why not consider painting it in a slightly lighter shade of the same color used on the walls? This will make the room seem much more cosy by giving the ceiling a feeling of being lower. Another option is to consider using stencils on the ceiling to create an interesting design.

Keep it Simple

Don’t go overboard, the best bedroom designs are clean and simple. Try to leave a minimum walkway of 1 metre around the bed, to allow easy movement. Consider that you will probably have to navigate the room in the dark, and make access to the exit and en-suite bathroom (if you have one) as direct and open as possible. If you have to walk around the bed to get to your dresser or bathroom, maybe the bed could be repositioned to make it less obstructive?

Make Sure you Have Plenty of Storage Space

In order to minimise clutter and keep your bedrooms looking at its best, you are going to need enough storage space to stow away all your clothes, shoes, makeup, and anything else you keep in the room. If you have a lot of clothes, building a full length wardrobe along one wall is a great way to add a huge amount of storage space. Simply hire a carpenter to build the cabinet then get your sliding wardrobe doors made to measure.

Choose Furniture That Fits


Before buying bedroom furniture, measure the room, and make a scale plan showing the doors, windows, radiators, and any other fixed furnishings. When you look at furniture online, you can transfer the measurements to your floor plan to give you a visual indication of where the piece will fit, and how it will impact the rooms moving space. If your bedroom is huge, consider adding larger furnishings like a blanket box or window seat. Whilst chipboard furnishings are undoubtedly more affordable, they are not the most durable, chipboard drawers can often fall apart after under a heavy load. Opting for solid oak or mango wood furniture may cost a bit more, but the build quality will more than offset the extra expense, your bedroom also benefits from the beautiful aesthetics of natural wood grain, which works particularly well with pastel shades.

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