Get the SSL certification for your online business

 If you are thinking of setting up an online business or website, then it is really important that you must get your website SSL certified. SSL or Secure Sockets Layer certificate is one of the most important tools that is used nowadays to provide security to the customer’s sensitive information. Most of the people nowadays, prefer to do online shopping directly from their home. With online shopping, they also need to make online payments using their bank credit cards, debit cards and many other forms of online transactions. But these details are very sensitive and should be protected at any cost. This is when EV  SSL comes into play. It encrypts the information of the customer as well as bank details while the data is being sent from the customer end to the vendor end. This will increase customer confidence.

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Types of SSL

There are many types of SSL certification such as:

  • Dedicated SSL certification: Dedicated SSL certification is the certificate that is specifically assigned to a single website or domain. This certificate will not be shared with any other domain or website and will boost ranking on Google. These are also one of the most expensive certifications that you can buy.
  • Shared SSL certification: Shared SSL certification is the certificate that is shared by any websites or domain. You can use someone else’s certificate with your website as well as someone else can use your certificate with his website. This will surely improve website conversion by investing small amount of money.
  • Free SSL certification: Free SSL certificates are the certificates that are being provided by many companies at almost zero charge. They do charge some money from you but the encryption is not of the highest standard.
  • Wildcard SSL certification: Wildcard SSL certification is for those websites which have multiple sub domains. These certificates will ensure the protection of the domain as well as all the sub domains.
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