Highlights on Installing A Shower Cabin

Plumbing services are used not only when the need arises to replace or install water and sewer pipes. The installation of plumbing equipment, including shower cabins, also requires the qualified assistance of this specialist.

You might offer to call experts in local plumbing services. But you can try to assemble the equipment yourself, but without the skills and the necessary tools, it isn’t easy to complete all stages of work following the standards. Violations can lead to leaks, that is, to property damage, including that belonging to neighbors.

  • The installation of a shower cabin begins with the installation of a pallet. With its small size, no unique construction in the form of a frame is required. Otherwise, the work of the plumber begins with the arrangement of the base for the pallet.
  • To ensure normal drainage, the pan must be installed strictly horizontally. The plumber uses the device to measure its position, and then fix it. A siphon is attached to the pallet installed in this way, connected with the other end to the sewer pipe. In the work process, the master uses rubber gaskets and sealant, which provide maximum tightness to all joints and joints.
  • Having finished installing the pallet, the plumber pours water into it and checks for leaks.
  • The assembly of the walls, the hanging of the doors, and the roof’s installation are carried out according to the instructions and in compliance with all the manufacturer’s recommendations. All joints of the mounted booth are checked for tightness and leaks are eliminated if they were found.
  • Further actions of the professional plumber will be aimed at laying the pipeline and connecting the shower stall to the apartment’s water supply. When installing a pipeline, sealants are actively used, which are used to process pipe joints.
  • Many modern showers are equipped with many additional features. Their use will require the equipment to be connected to a power supply and a grounding system. Along with this, the plumbing will have to be installed in the cab and the control unit, with the help of which the desired mode of its operation is selected.
  • At the final stage of installation, all units and connections of plumbing equipment are checked for tightness. After that, the operation of the shower cabin is tested in all possible modes.


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