How to Fight a speeding ticket in Ontario

I tackle today’s topic with a hint of trepidation. After all, I’m basically advocating for people to not obey traffic laws. Before we get into how to fight a speeding ticket in Ontario I should make it clear that if you’re driving drunk, or extremely recklessly (re: 40km over) you deserve some serious punishment and this stuff won’t apply to you anyway. Please don’t think I’m trying to justify extreme behavior that puts lives in harm’s way.

What this article is looking at is how to get out of a minor speeding ticket so that it doesn’t kill your insurance costs going forward. I had some first-hand experience with this type of situation when I was going to university. There is a known speed trap coming off of the main highway leading on to campus where the limit goes from 60 to 30 as you make a left-hand turn. If you got a green while in the flow of traffic and began reducing your speed as you turned into campus you were still guaranteed to be over the technical limit. The cops had a perfect hiding spot just off of the main thoroughfare, and when it was statistics time (I worked four summers in law enforcement, that statistics are a part of the job is a fact, not a debate) you knew you had to really watch yourself.
Personal Experience

Unfortunately one Sunday morning I forgot about the trap. It was near the end of the month (surprise surprise) and there was light traffic as I was coming back from the gym. I got a green and began to decelerate down from 60 as I entered campus. Of course I saw the cop a split second before the lights came on and knew I was in trouble. He clocked me at 39. Now, in this instance I truly believe that it is difficult to make the case I was a hazard to anyone else in society. On a moral level I was pretty upset that I didn’t get let off with a warning, and so I looked into fight traffic tickets Toronto on principle. It didn’t hurt that I was a student with a fair amount of leisure time and that a couple hundred bucks was a lot of money to me at that point. I won the case just by showing up, but I learned some very interesting things in the course of doing some research on the topic.

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