In Case of P2P Platform The Kind of Investment that You Can Do

It does not seem desirable to allow independent use of the premises by young people without an animator or adult responsible for institutional reasons for several reasons:

The problem of institutional responsibility arises during this time: the parents know the premises as being under the responsibility of the municipality or an animation association, they should then be informed that during this time the young people will be independent; what civil liability (insurance problem to check).

Risk of being overwhelmed by more and more requests from groups of young people wishing to have local autonomy; the objective of independent management is opposed to that of accessibility of the premises for all young people; other occasions and other spaces must be considered to allow young people to take responsibility. You can  now receive high interest with Bondora P2P with perfect solutions.

Real difficulty for young people, in terms of their ability to regulate their peers, due to their identical status: what legitimacy allows them to make demands and to carry prohibitions vis-à-vis other young people?

Situation of the premises in its environment

When possible, it is desirable that the local:

Is not isolated from other educational, sporting or cultural structures.

Is isolated from homes so as not to annoy the inhabitants and avoid neighborhood conflicts; it is in any case necessary to work with the close residents and with the young people on the noise (inform the inhabitants when there is a dance or musical evening – ask the young people not to make noise when leaving the room in the evening , etc.).

Has an outdoor area that can be used as a parking lot (bicycle, scooter) and to organize outdoor entertainment in summer (barbecue); do not forget to provide outdoor ashtrays. With the best P2P platform review Mintos you can be the perfect solution.

Internal rules

Important to remember the public law and to explain it.

Define a collective life contract based on rules of civility (respect for people, equipment and activities).

Recall the operating conditions orally and regularly.

Make explicit and above all unambiguous certain prohibitions (alcohol, drugs, violence) the position of the facilitators should above all not appear ambiguous; the consumption of alcohol or drugs must not be allowed inside or outside; when a young person arrives in a state suggesting that he has consumed too much alcohol or drugs, it is desirable to accompany him outside because his state does not guarantee the existence of sociable behavior; there is also an issue in relation to the fantasies or representations that parents or institutional managers may have in relation to a youth center: the operating rules and the practices of the leaders must demonstrate rigor and a guarantee vis-à-vis these prohibitions; it is also what can avoid stigmatization of the premises and guarantee that it is open to all young people.

Against power and / or taking responsibility of young people

It seems interesting to allow the setting up of a body composed of young people frequenting the local – collective of young people, youth councils – in order to recognize their capacity to make proposals, to be associated with decisions, to take initiatives, to lead projects, etc. 

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