Inspiring Books That Are Helping People Become Leaders of Tomorrow

Leadership is certainly an attainable quality. The most amazing leaders around the world have certain traits which people are eager to learn. Those are the kinds of traits that separate leaders from the rest and give them an elevated status in social situations, boardrooms and on the field. But how do you learn exactly those key leadership traits? It’s easy to Google and browses endless articles only to forget the entire content in the next 6th minute. It’s productive and highly beneficial to scoop out certain books which every aspiring leader should read. It is certainly not suggested that you go library-from-library and look for them among hundreds of options.

Clear the cutter; here are the books that you will ever need to read if you want to become the “leader” in life:

  1.    “Start with Why” – Simon Sinek (Leadership skill: action)

The British-American author, consultant and motivational speaker have a number of books to his name, including this one. Simon has pinpointed exactly what leaders do in his work. They take action and they inspire others to take action. It’s one leadership skill that is recognized in this book to be the key to why some people are more innovative, successful, influential and happy in life. Taking the course of a number of examples and highlighting the very trait of “taking action” among them is what Start with Why offers.

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  1.    “Primal Leadership” – Daniel Goleman (Leadership skill: Emotional Intelligence)

It is thought about leaders that they command, offer constructive ideas and build things. They have a constant interaction with people who also happen to be their subordinates, directly or indirectly. Strategy, vision, and energy are not the only characteristics required to become a leader. It’s emotional intelligence that is making an incredible difference. The best of leaders work through emotions and Daniel Goldman has exactly identified the areas where emotional intelligence is due on people who want to become leaders. In Primal Leadership, Daniel has also pointed out theories on emotional intelligence which is helping people get a firm grip on the skillset.

  1.    “Unstoppable: Challenge Accepted Vol 1” – Tariku Bogale (Leadership skill: Proactivity)

Serial entrepreneur Tariku Bogale introduces us to incredible adventures of his life. His life takes a route from Africa to Switzerland, New York, and Hollywood, with a complete background of his struggles. It is one story of rising from rags to riches but what kept him going was his proactive nature. Leaders have this specific trait of staying proactive in the face of fears and catastrophes. It’s what makes them highly effective and give them an elevated edge among people. A proactive outlook on life keeps you going and this very skillset has been identified in life chronicles of the author covered in the book. It’s adventurous and drives an impulse of seeking fresh ideas, craving experiences, just getting out of your comfort zone and experiencing the world. Bogale’s journey revolves around political drama, powerful circles, business, prison, real estate and much more and offers a resourceful insight into what kept him going through every phase of life till reaping the fruit of success. He takes charge of his life and emerges as a proactive leader, which is something we all aspire to do.

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