Is the MacBook Pro worth it? Should you buy new Mac Book Pro 2019?

Apple’s very own MacBook; the MacBook Pro has always been a good catch for its numerous users. This brand of laptops has been in exustence since the year 2009, adapting time after time, and Apple hasn’t failed to impress with any of its MacBook designs and specifications. 

MacBooks are finely crafted to be a modern day beauty and the beast in one body. And to further prove this point, I would be discussing a few reasons why the MacBook Pro is worth your time and money. 

First of all, MacBooks are easy to use, whether you’re installing software or just playing around with it, the OS X makes it all easy for you. Easy to love. It has a powerful Retina Display, working with proper contrast ratios and its color reproduction is top notch. 

It comes with high-grade chargers; these chargers are portable and durable MagSafe chargers that disconnect when tugged, instead of pulling the laptop and damaging it. Another thing to take note of is that it has got very clear and audible speakers, so you could watch your videos, movies, etc., without ever complaining about it sounding bad or not being audible enough. 

Now, for a user who isn’t good with maintaining laptops; the body of a MacBook Pro is made of aluminum which can bend, but not break. I mean; it has got a sophisticated and delicate look, but it is not one bit fragile. 

People have been afraid of switching because they’ve gotten so used to being on their Windows PCs, but not to worry; you could still effectively run a Windows and Linux on a MacBook Pro. So, you lose nothing even after switching systems, because you get the best of all worlds on it. Now, you may not be a showoff, but with the beautiful body of the MacBook Pro, you can be rest assured that you would attract attention. With questions like what Apple device it is, and how much it cost. 

Also, who likes being stressed by doing stuff manually? The MacBook Pro’s Automatic Brightness Adjustment saves you the stress of personally adjusting the brightness of your system whenever you’re in a dark environment, or you’re at a place where the lights are too bright for you to see your screen, and that’s just cool on every level. 

Everyone wishes to spend money on devices that are worth their money, so putting down some cash for a MacBook Pro is always a smart move. Who wouldn’t want a device that boasts of updated Core i5 to i7 processors, 8 gigs of RAM, Thunderbolt ports, a sleek and portable body, etc.? Isn’t that something to write home about? 

Using an Apple device never felt so good, as the MacBook Pro is just perfect for whatever you need a laptop for. From the super-light and sleek 12-inch MacBook to the 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Pros with the smart Touch Bar, it’s all but a large array of beautiful and powerful awesomeness.

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