Make a Funeral a Celebration

Nowadays, funerals have become an event to pay tribute to the deceased, rather than a sorrowful affair like the one you organised for your grandfather. People now choose to celebrate the life of the deceased in the funeral by coming up with new ideas which are perfectly in line with what the person believed in and the way they led their life.

Although this is a positive e change in trends, it comes with a downside – that is, the exorbitant expenses. Given the new trends, hosting a funeral can be very expensive. Choosing funeral insurance options can help the family host the perfect tribute without having to worry about expenses. Instead of having a heavy heart and crying because your loved one is gone, their life should be remembered with smiles and the memories they have been a part of.

A Tribute to the Deceased

You can personalise the theme of the funeral in many ways. A creative decor which is line with what the deceased’s preferences will pay a perfect tribute to the deceased. For example, if the deceased loved animals and was passionate about animal rescue, you can plan a funeral where people can bring their pets to the ceremony. Charity can be collected after the ceremony and donated to an organisation in the name of the deceased.

Whatever the theme, it should be made a celebration for the life that the deceased had led. Gone are the days when people only played religious hymns at the ceremony. Funeral songs should be played from the decedent’s favourite music selection. Instead of having a slideshow of all the memorable pictures, a video tribute can be showcased.

Lowering the Pressure from the Family

A funeral is the final goodbye and it should be done with care and wholeheartedly. Favourite poems and prayers can be said by close family members and these can be printed to add a personal touch. A funeral can cost a lot. The food and the arrangements can be pretty expensive. There are private insurance companies that offer funeral insurance policies. This insurance can be bought by anyone at any age. The initial 12 to 24 months offer accidental coverage and after that, the policy will automatically turn in to funeral insurance.

In order to release some pressure from your family, pot-luck style funerals are becoming more popular. The guests feel more involved and the family is relieved from many expenses. Funeral services are becoming more customised and changing in order to meet the changes of the new generation. The new generation has different ideas to implement. The funeral planning process can be more extensive and time consuming. Planning everything ahead of time is the best way to ensure that the funeral meets the personality of the deceased.

A celebration for life at a funeral can help inspire the young generation with the stories shared by the family of the deceased. Family memories can be preserved this way for the generations to come.

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