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People have increasingly gained knowledge on the importance of Bitcoins. With several online commerce activities and financial transactions, people are no stranger to Bitcoins these days. However, what some people fail to see, is their potential to earn money for you. “Let your money work for you,” is a very popular quote. Which essentially means, you circulate your money to earn more money. Now since, Bitcoins are essentially a form of currency, they too have the same capability. Let’s us look into the ways in which you can make money with Bitcoins, sitting at home.

The most lucrative ways to earn money with Bitcoins

Crypto Interest Accounts

Crypto Interest Accounts are just the digital version of depositing money in the bank, and earn interest. This new and exciting model of blockchain industry, is a good way to let your bitcoins stock up in a digital account and yield more bitcoins. Crypto Interest Accounts also like traditional banks, have different types of accounts and different schemes of interests. It is a basic lending process, where you further your bitcoins to a financial service provider, and they circulate your bitcoins to give you interest.

The basic concept is the you have a wallet with your service provider, and you send your crypto currency to your wallet. In time the currency accumulated in your wallet will earn interests for you. The service providers provide both simple and compound interests. They provide an annual interests upto 6% on Bitcoins. Providers like bitcoin profit, use superior technology to generate laser-accurate platforms, that will help you maximize your interest on Bitcoin wallet.

Affiliate Marketing

This is an instrument for regular people, bloggers, social media influencers and news sites. The only Job of the affiliated marketers is to send out unique promo codes and URLs to their audiences. For every click on that link that converts into a purchase, will generate Bitcoin income for you. Now different companies have different models of payment. Whilst some will give you a share of purchase, some will give you a fixed amount for each purchase.

Bit-coin Cashback

Purchasing online is a common pattern of every 21st century user. If incase you are buying online, why not buy from e-commerce websites, who provide cashback in Bitcoins. Your internet browser will generally provide an extension that will enable this feature when you make a purchase. These extensions are tied up with all major brands. As you scroll your retailer’s website, your extension will notify you of available cashback options. In some services you can get as high as 9% cashback.

Bitcoin Trading

Bitcoin trading, is a rather complex way of earning, but also the most lucrative one. Different trading services provide different strategies, that aim to maximize their holder’s profit. A major strategy in circulation is leverage trading. In this strategy you loan out funds to your trader. This loans are much like collateralized loans. In this process, the borrower puts up cryptocurrency as a collateral, and the lender provides physical currency. Once the loan is paid off, the borrower gets his cryptocurrency back.

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