Make your projector weather proof

There are many places where projectors are used. You can use it in your homes, offices, cinema halls, museums and for outdoor purposes. You are required to install outdoor projectors for open learning and open theatres. For using the projectors outdoor, you need to cover it with the weatherproof enclosures for projectors. Everything you need to learn about outdoor projector enclosures is essential prior to installation.

Types of projectors

There are mainly two types of projectors: DLP (Digital Light Processing) and LCD (Liquid Crystal Display). In early days of projectors, cathode ray projectors were used which had three tubes for three colors. But due to its low intensity of light and bulky structure they are not used today. There are projectors whose color and picture projection ability is perfect resulting in high definition pictures. Lenses also play an important role in the process of projection of images. If the projector is placed close to the screen, small throw lenses are needed and if it is placed at some distance, large throw lenses are needed. Screen size and distance from projector to the screen must both be taken into account. There are many companies who have launched various projectors for the customers at different prices according to the resolution and throwing capability.

Need for installation of enclosures

The installation of enclosures is necessary as the projectors that are installed outdoors need to be protected from the bad weather. A protective environmental projector enclosure is a step ahead which is allowing the consumer to project anywhere, anytime and with any projector and lens. These projector enclosures have been installed in a large range of locations: malls, museums, railway stations and many more tourist attraction places all over the globe. You can find many outdoor projector enclosures latest news if you search on the web.

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