Marketing Campaigns You Need to Try

The importance of good and innovative marketing – especially in the modern digital age – cannot be understated. A marketing campaign can make or break a start-up and even damage international brands.

When you are considering a new marketing strategy, it is important to spend time building a strong website development in Seattle – one which will create a positive response and explore all possible avenues of delivery which will engage your audience and get you noticed.

You are not spoilt for choice when it comes to possible marketing campaigns; new ones are constantly evolving, and it can be overwhelming deciding which ones to go with. That said, here are some you absolutely need to try.

Digital Marketing Campaigns

Digital marketing is crucial for pretty much every modern business; it is a powerful marketing tool which could connect you with an audience you did not know even existed.

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Social Media Content

The power of likes and shares through social media engagement is invaluable. If you use Facebook, it is impossible to ignore the sheer number of videos which are put in front of you, and for good reason.

Video content is the most engaging form of advertising and marketing which can be produced today. Short, engaging and entertaining videos which are relatable to your audience draw in views, comments, likes and shares which, in turn, increase your exposure.


Gamification has been around for a while in marketing, but it is still as useful as it has ever been. There are lots of innovative approaches you can take to gamification.

Consumers love the feeling of winning things, and gamification is a common tactic brands adopt. On Social Media Marketing Seattle WA and other digital platforms, it is common to come across some form of puzzle or game which leads to coupon codes or private sales.

‘Like & Share to Win’ Posts

Quite possibly the most popular, common and effective form of digital marketing is a simple Facebook or Instagram post which encourages your audience to like and share your content to be in with the chance of winning a prize.

Share a picture which provokes a response from the audience you have already built, asking them to like, share and tag their friends who can also relate to the post.

This is a great way to increase exposure, because your picture will begin appearing on the social feeds of people who are not currently connected with you. Plus, it’s free!

Traditional and Offline Marketing Campaigns

Traditional marketing – such as banner printing and newspaper advertisements – is still alive and well. Although it has suffered a fall in popularity with the rise of the internet, that does not mean you should ignore it.

SMS Marketing

Yes, that’s right, the humble SMS or ‘text’ message. SMS marketing has grown alongside the growth in smartphone usage, because it allows you to directly deliver your message to your audience through a device which most people always have with them.

Takeaway pizza magnate Dominoes are famous for this, often sending out their latest offers and coupon codes via SMS to prior customers in a bid (which works, by the way!) to draw in consumers with the thought of pizza.

Billboards and Banner Printing

Although this is one of the oldest forms of advertising, it is still very effective. No matter where you go, if it’s a major city or a place which has a decent amount of footfall, there’ll be a billboard there advertising something. If you want to try your hand at banner advertising, turn to Printroom, and they will set you up.


Print marketing is one of the most popular forms of offline advertising, particularly in newspapers or magazines. Generally, print marketing is most effective in niche magazines and publications because it puts your advertisement in front of the eyes of somebody who has an existing interest in your company’s product or service.

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